Do You Think Indians Can Visit Anywhere? Check this List then make your decision

We are Indians and proud of our religion, culture, language, food, music and a lot of things which are not easy to mention anyone. Indians went to Everest, North Pole and almost in every corner of the world but have you ever thought that there are some places in India only where Indians are banned.  I am not going to share why these places are still in existence but some of them are closed now. It is surprising to see such places in the Indian Territory hence I love to share this fact with all of you.

These are the five places in India where Indians are banned:

“Foreigners Only” beaches in Goa:

Goa, a state known for its fantastic beaches has thousands of National and International visitors every year. To give the foreigner visitors a special treatment a number of owners of beach shack and restaurants in this state have reserved certain locations for visitors. These “Foreigners only” beaches that openly prefer foreign tourists over Indian people are still running.  You will not be serviced at these locations unless you are a foreigner.

Uno-In Hotel, Bengaluru:

In the year of 2012, the Uno-In hotel in Bengaluru was exclusively set up for Japanese visitors. These types of hotels are not very common in India because when you are paying a price you deserve to book any hotel for yourself. It was the charges of racial discrimination on this hotel which lead to its shut down by the Greater Bangalore City Corporation. The hotel was officially closed forever in 2014.

Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol:

Kasol is a beautiful place to visit in the Himachal city. Every year many people are here to spend quality time during summers and winters. For visitors there are many cafes are available where you can have something to taste or to feed yourself with quality food. This cafe in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh came into headlines during mid-2015 when its owner of this café refused to take order for an Indian woman. When we looked to know more about it then we found that it was due to some people who created a scene in the café. Only decent customers are welcomed because anybody can eat there.

A certain lodge in Chennai:

Known by the name of ‘Highlands’, a hotel in Chennai is known for serving only to the customers who are having a foreign passport during the visit. If we follow a story which was once mentioned in Deccan Herald, a ‘No Indian’ policy has been strictly enforced in the hotel, due to which only the Indians who are having a foreign passport can do an official stay. It is quite weird to see this type of hotels because Chennai is India and so is the hotel.

The “Foreigners Only” beaches of Puducherry:

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