Forget Selfies because 3D figures are making a strong presence on the Internet

It was a time when camera phones made it happen with the biggest trend on Internet. Guess what, these selfies are everywhere on the internet and we are sure that your phone is also full of them. But there is time to change the fashion with something cooler and innovative. The Koreans who are always technologically advanced in everything are now a step ahead.  This is the new 3D figure culture they have begun last year in now a big thing.

It is the popularity of these amazing figures which are not too big in size. From two to twelve inches in size, these models carry your emotion, your face and your moment. The Trending thing is now everybody’s favorite hence new people are entering in this business. The process of creating such live memories is easy as various high resolutions DSLR’s which are set at different angles clicks the 2D photograph of you with perfect detailing.

All these photographs jointly sent to the plant as a digital blueprint of your emotions.  The plant is the place where the real magic happens.  A figure will be prepared from more than 1000 layers of gypsum and then the colors will be added which you were wearing in the photographs. This takes time hence it always surprising when it finally comes to your hand.

It can be a miniature of your wedding or a moment you shared with your pet and it will be converted into a 3D figure. Photographs are an important method to preserve a memory but these small models are something much better.  Don’t worry about the cost because when we converted it into Indian currency, it hardly costs INR 6000 to 12000 rupees.

The technology and the trend are not yet available in our country but it doesn’t mean we can’t have it. Next time you are visiting Korea then do try it and bring it as a beautiful memory of your visit. It is completely fascinating to see how Koreans making this possible. This is the reason of increased tourism in Seoul and the technology is getting bigger and better.

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