In reply to OBOR and NSG, India has some plans to tackle its Neighboring Nation?

The relations between India and China are always in International Media. India is waiting to enter NSG but China is not ready offering him a seat. China wants India to be a part of OBOR but the strategic location of CPEC and the closeness with Pakistan is not acceptable to India. China is like a big brother who wants to make his younger brother do all the thing according to his directions only but India has its own terms and conditions.


Meanwhile, the relations between China and America are not good because America doesn’t want any competition in the Asian region. China has its own issues with the American government.  The cooperation between India and America is well known to all hence being an ally of America India has some disadvantage. In a meeting recently where all the partners of this OBOR were gathered, India got his invitation too but not accepted it.

India has its role in NSR- The New Silk Road

NSR, a project which was once mooted by Hillary Clinton while she was in India for a visit as a minister in Obama Government is now getting the green signal. The Trump Government is taking every step to nullify the dream project of China and is now ready to go with NSR. If everything goes right then India will be in a stronger position on this project. In NSR or New Silk Road, India will be providing access to South Asia and South East Asia. Indo-Pacific Economic Corridor is also one such project on the list where India will play a major role.

Indian issue with CPEC and OBOR

One Belt One Road (OBOR) is described as a Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitious project. It focuses on connecting Asian countries, Africa, China and Europe for economic development. The emphasis is on enhancing land as well as maritime routes. Experts also believe that is it also a part of china’s strategy for economic diplomacy. Considering China’s exclusion from G7, OBOR can provide china an opportunity to continue its economic development. It aims to boost domestic growth in the country.

CPEC or China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is the flagship project of OBOR and is also the reason India refused to attend the Belt and Road forum which was held in Beijing. India boycotted the forum because of its sovereignty issues with CPEC covering PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir). While Beijing is saying that it is interested in the Kashmir dispute and CPEC is all about economic connectivity but policy makers in Beijing cannot simply say that they are not interested and yet go on covering the entire disputed area. In a way helping Pakistan in its anti-India objectives without addressing India’s concern on CPEC, china has become a partner in crime with Pakistan for latter’s terrorist activities against India.

No partnership between two proud nations is possible if it is not based on mutual respect for each other’s ambitions and sovereignty. As the powerful and bigger nation, china can do so by addressing India’s concerns and helping the latter in ending Pakistan-based terrorists working against New Delhi.

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