Most Haunted Places around the World

Even I don’t know the answer. But here I am giving the list of the most haunted places around the world.  If you are an adventurous person then have a visit to these places to find out the truth all by yourself.

Changi Beach

This beach in Singapore had seen the brutal death of many Chinese soldiers.  The Japanese in the Second World War killed these Chinese soldiers thinking that they are part of anti-Japanese activities.

This beach is the most haunted place in Singapore. People have faced many paranormal activities here.

Eastern State Penitentiary

It is an isolated prison in Pennsylvania, United States. This prison has seen many deaths. It is abandoned since 1971.

Strange sounds, shadowy figures appearing and disappearing, sound of people knocking at cell walls etc. are the paranormal activities existing in this place.

Fort George


It is a star-shaped fort in Nova, Scotia, Canada. It is almost 300 years old.

It is a tourists spot for visitors.

The visitors often experience some paranormal activities around the place.

A girl holding the hands of the tourists, a feeling of being watched, windows opening and closing, etc. are some of them.

Bhangarh Fort

It is one of the most haunted places in the world. It is a fort in Rajasthan, India. The fort and the surrounding places are isolated. It looks like a barren village.

A black magic sorcerer fell in love with the princess of the fort. But the villagers refused to give her. In return he cursed the village. He cursed that no one will stay in the village. The villagers disappeared one day. Nobody knows where they went.

This is the interesting story behind the haunted Fort.

No one can enter the fort after night. It is believed that if you enter after dusk you will never return. No houses around the place have roofs. If a roof is built the house will collapse.

Highgate Cemetry

This cemetery in North London, England is the favorite place of Ghost hunters. Headless statues, creaky pathways, unmanaged grass pavements accompanied by the hooting of owls welcomes you there. It looks like a haunted place in a Hollywood movie. The shivery silence will give you a chill.

Other than these scary features, the place has an outstanding architecture and beautiful scenic view.

The Tower of London

This place in London, England was the execution ground for thousands of people 900 years ago.

It is the most haunted place in UK.

Many paranormal activities have reported. Most of them include the activities by the Kings and Queens who resided in the tower.

The scary one is of Queen Anne Boleyn, wife of King Henry  VIII. She was beheaded in 1536. She has been spotted as a headless lady wandering around the place and near her demise.

Castle Of Good Hope

This castle in Cape Town, Africa was the country’s oldest colonial building. It was a replenishment station for ships.

A soldier is seen around the castle. He suddenly appears and disappears.

Excited? Then give a visit to these places.

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