Taiwan is a step away from being the first country In Asia to legalize Gay Marriage

Although India and China are considered as the big thing in the news when media is talking about Economic or Defense issues when it comes to other social issues the other nations are the winner. Taiwan a small Island nation is now all set to allow same-sex marriage. The top court of this nation ruled the decision In favor of the rainbow community and asked the government to make the required changes in the rules and regulations.

If the government doesn’t do it within two years then also the same sex love birds can go for marriage. Once the amendments are made by the present government, the nation will become the first country in the region to permit gay marriage. According to the bench, the new law will help to protect the dignity of its citizens and bring necessary social stability and.

If we talk about the Gay revolution the country has already played a big role in the Gay Movement. LGBTQ movements flourished in the country and it is the reason of the Big change.  It was not the first chance which came up with the Happy news as many times   Tsai Ing-Wen, the President has spoken in favor of Gay or Same Sex marriage since she came to power in January 2016. However, it was always the conservative groups who are in the opposition of any such change in the law of the country. Many time these conservatives staged massive protests against such decisions and policies.

This news is a big moment of Joy for all those people who were in favor of same-sex marriage. This does not mean Gay people or Homosexuals only exists in Taiwan. In many regions of Asia Being Gay is considered as a Taboo. People can’t talk about their sexuality because of they afraid of social boycott, law enforcement, and prison. Many countries in Asian continent are economically strong but they are lagging behind others because of their rules and regulations which do not belongs to this century.

Although Indian government and Supreme Court of India had done a great job for the equal status of the Third gender still it failed badly to ensure equal rights for the LGBTQ citizens. In a country like India, Same-sex marriage is a distant move because neither the Indian society nor the law is in favor same-sex relations.

There are many people who are living dual life because they fear Identity crisis. Many can’t share this thing to the families because of the orthodox mindset.  The biggest stone in the Gay Movement is the Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

According to it “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” hence it a punishable offence even if it happens with consentient. Indian LGBTQ community and its supporters are trying their best against Section 377 but it is the moral values of some political parties and the Vote bank politics which will not make it happen.

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