The following world famous Sexiest Accent will help you to make an impression

Your language and your accent play an important role in your communication. Do you want to impress your love with a language which is not yours then to try to follow the accent.  An accent is something which is not easy to learn or to add to your tongue. It takes time and some serious practice. The next important thing about way of speaking a language is to speak it with confidence and real emotions. We have prepared a list of some well-known accent which can add the “X” factor to your conversation.

The Irish are big players when it comes to the list of sexiest accent. You can’t deny how impressive they are with the words and the cheeky tones of Dublin make them special. Irish are also good with the storytelling and they do it in such a way that you can’t predict the praise or insult. Liam Neeson, Michael Fassbender, and Colin Farrell are some well-known personalities who are known for this accent.


Italy is not only famous for its Italian Food but also the wonderful accent of Italians makes us think how beautifully they speak. You can feel the vibes which contact directly to the human heart and the romantic tone can lay down any person with right words. Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci have used Italian accent beautifully and successfully to create an aura of mystery.


Have you seen original French cinema? If not then do try it to feel the charisma of this accent. Although recently the French culture lost its popularity it is not the language and the love.  There are many famous personalities who are world famous only because of the way they speak the language.


Have you seen  Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, and Nicole Kidman? Don’t say no because they are all over the internet for their work. Australians have their own taste and behavior with the English language and hence they don’t match it with British or American English. At first, you need to work hard on it but a little practice will help.


We love Hollywood movies because the English they speak is clean, clear and easy to understand. It is not just India where the accent varies from region to region because it happens in America too. The style of speech varies in all 50 states and it not easy for a Non- American to differentiate.


When we are counting the sexiest accent it will be wrong not to consider Spanish in the list. Hola, amigos! This accent, when used by a lady who has sultry brown-eyed and a beautiful face then you simply can’t ignore her. Spanish is generally considered as exquisitely spicy and seductive. It is not just us but many Hollywood stars have a special love for Spain and Spanish. This is the reason which makes Spanish one of the most favorite languages in the world.

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