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Cool exercise tips for Hot Summer

Even though the Indian Meteorological Department has forecasted early monsoon for our country, but we still have to withstand the hot weather and heat waves that has engulfed most parts of the nation. With temperature around 40 or above, we feel lazy enough to even lift our fingers our drag our feet to office, it seems like a formidable task to even think of exercising. So is it acceptable to abandon our fit and healthy body for three months and embrace unhealthy and (maybe) chubbier self? Well, No. You don’t need to give up on the whole idea of exercise but to make a few comfortable changes to suit the changed weather.


Change the time and place

If you have a habit of exercising or jogging outside then try switching to the activities which  Can be done indoors. Being outside in the hot weather might wear you out quickly and might Even cause heat exhaustion.Try to work out during the cooler times of the day like early morning or late evening. At these Time of the day, you can even work outside when a pleasant wind is blowing.

Shorten your workout time

We all have preset time for our workouts. It is fine when the weather is cooler like in winter Or monsoon season, but in summer, because of the high temperature, our body heats up Easily. It is essential to observe when your body is getting heated up and shorten the duration Of the regime accordingly. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of taking breaks either. Instead of running, for e.g. 30 minutes at a stretch you can divide you running time to two stretches of 15 minutes each.

Decrease the intensity

Decrease the pace at which you exercise, for example if you have been running at 10km/hour speed then decrease your speed by 2-3 km. Strenuous regimes heats up your body quickly, it is advisable for you to prevent that.

Take cold shower

It might sound outrageous but taking a cold shower before exercise makes your body cool and helps preventing it getting heated up soon.

Drink plenty of water

It has always been recommended by the doctors and health experts to drink plenty of water throughout the day. But your body needs more amount of fluid in summer as it precipitates more. Drink a lot of water not only during the workout session but also throughout the day.

Also make sure to include lot of juicy fruits such as watermelon, grapes, mangoes, papaya, oranges in your daily diet. All these fruits help you replenish the lost fluid.

Listen to your body

Last but definitely not the least, please make sure to observe the symptoms when you work out. In summer the body easily loses fluid balance and gets heated up. As a result you might feel dizzy, weak and nauseated. As soon as you experience these, stop exercising at once and lie down immediately. You might be suffering from heat exhaustion and if not checked, it might prove to be fatal. We all have the habit of pushing our bodies more, but at least in summer, we should listen to our bodies.


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