Found a penny on road? Don’t feel lucky till you meet these luckiest people

Do you ever feel extremely lucky if what you had prepared for comes in an exam? Or when you win a lottery? Hearing about these people will make you feel really small. Many people don’t believe in luck but give all the credit to a person’s hard work, but hearing these real life incidents is going to rekindle your faith in luck. Some might consider earning money luck and others might consider people who find true love. But the people who have defeated even death are the luckiest. Today we talk about such personalities which fate seems to favor.

  • When money finds you attractive: Many of the people indulge in purchasing lottery tickets and waiting for the moment of winning the lottery. The chances of a person winning the lottery are extremely rare and probability of you getting struck by a lightning is much more. But when we talk about Joan Ginther, the tables turn. This woman won 4 huge lotteries in her life, and not of hundred dollars. From a $5 million to $2 million and the latest $10 million lotteries were all in her name. This has destroyed all probability theorems and baffled people everywhere.
  • When God helps you (literally): A Japanese monk called Nichiren was introducing Buddhism in many parts of Japan. His preaching, however, had terrified the rulers and undermined their authorities. He was to be beheaded by an executioner, but probably God didn’t want that. When the executioner raised the axe, at that very moment he was struck by lighting and he died. The God’s dear monk was released and he inspired hundreds of devotees to follow him because of this miracle.
  • A 7-time winner: What do you call a person who has had a near death experience 7 times? A miracle. Frane Selak had survived a plane accident, multiple cars and bus accidents and even a train accident whereas all of the other people died except him. While teaching his son to shoot he accidentally shot his testicles and survived the torturous mishap. A flipped train which he was a passenger of went into a river, but he survived with minor injuries. He hated planes after the first plane he flew in, crashed. But yeah surprise, he got out of the door and comfortably landed on a haystack. It seemed like fate was always with him and although he was unlucky enough to face all these circumstances but was lucky enough to survive them all.
  • When you are tougher than a nuke: No one could have survived the nukes that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but an employee of Mitsubishi survived both. He was traveling to Hiroshima and was there when the nuke dropped. He miraculously was able to survive that. Scared, he went to his family in Nagasaki and had to go through another such terrifying experience. Sustaining some major injuries but still, he was able to survive.

So still feeling lucky today? Fate has betrayed the theory of probability many times and showed how even the impossible events have happened many times in the history.

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