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Add these movies to your watch list because Summer Time is Family Movie Time

Summers are already here, and in many parts of India, it is time to enjoy summer vacations with your family. The kids are not easy too until you have something fantastic to come up. A movie plan to cinema hall is a superb idea but we miss some great flicks this season.  So what are the options to get the dose of fun and entertainment with whole family and friends?  Don’t be worried as we are going to suggest you some Bollywood movies which you can watch with the entire family.

Nil Battey Sannata:  We are sure that you will love the plot and the moral of the story. Based on a beautiful relation between a Mother and a daughter the movie talks about the struggle which our parents do to make us a successful person. The film has already gained tremendous popularity and if you are looking a right medicine of motivation for your kid then “Nil Battey Sannata” is the movie worth watching. Make your bond a little stronger by watching this beautiful movie together.

Dangal: If you haven’t watched this movie yet and your kids were too busy with the exams then release the stress with a movie like Dangal. Many people haven’t watched this movie because of non-availability of time, but you can now watch them at home at your favorite time.  This film is based on a true story of award-winning wrestler Mahaveer Phogat and her daughters who won International tournaments for India. This movie will help your children to be a tough player.

Tare Zameen Par:    Some movies are made to be watched again, and one of such fantastic Bollywood flicks is Tare Zameen Par. Lose your Emotions and feel the movie with your family.  The movie tells a story of a special child who was helped by his art teacher Amir Khan. These types of movies are not so common in the Indian film industry and hence achieve a unique spot in mind and heart of the audience.  Try it once again.

Stanley ka Dabba:  This movie is also focused on children, and you will fall in love with the child artist who is playing the lead role of Stanley. Enjoy the school time of your life with the whole family where friends, study, food and teachers were a daily routine.  We are now adults, but it is very good to relive your happiest moments because you can’t be there again.

Athiti Tum Kab Jaoge:  Looking for something funny and want to watch it with the whole family then Athiti Tum Kab Jaoge is one of the best movies to try. The movie is about the funny and unimaginable situations which are created when an unexpected guest visits your home.   The movie is a great idea to teach the morals to your children, and we are sure everyone will appreciate your effort to have a quality time together.

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