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Bollywood actresses who used bosom implants to have thicker curves

For Bollywood actresses, their body type is the most important thing that they have to maintain properly. There is not a single girl who does not go through a period when she is harsh on how her body looks. Luckily for Bollywood actresses who do not like the way their curves look, they can actually afford to amend it. Many actresses got breast implants on their flat upper curves so that they could look thicker and better. This is quite evident once you look at their debut photos and their current photos. Clearly, their curves are not natural because they could not grow that much at their age. Here are the Bollywood actresses who spent money to get bosom implants and have their curves thicker overnight.

Poonam Pandey – The Curvaceous Sensation

She is an internet sensation, and she is the perfect example of what bosom implant can do to a girl. She became a sensation after she exposed herself for the Indian team winning the ICC cricket world cup. But it is momentary. Then she realized that her flat body type is not getting her anywhere. She spent enough money to thicken her upper curves, and now she is literally famous for it. She also has the record of becoming the second most searched celebrity on Google. In most of her videos, you would see her flaunting her implants to make the most out of her investment.

Bipasha Basu – The Sensual Curvy Model

Bipasha Basu is one of the most popular faces in Bollywood, and she has also been super successful in modeling. She was absolutely flat during her earlier modeling career, but before entering the Bollywood industry, she got implants, and her thicker curves changed her looks for the better. No wonder her photo-shoots always go viral.

Shilpa Shetty – The True Flaunting Diva

Even though Shilpa maintained a flat figure throughout her acting career, it was only during the last period of her career that she opted for bosom implants. It truly transformed her for the better, and she is still one of the most liked actresses from the past whose fans like to watch over and over again when she flaunts the upper curves of her body.

Susmita Sen – The Transformed Miss Universe

The Miss Universe won the title with her flat body type, but she was quick to realize that men in India like curves more than anything else in an actress. She quickly got bosom implants and received many offers to work in movies as she became a trending person during her time.

Ayesha Takia – The Busty Actress

Ayesha Takia is quite famous for her balloons, but when she debuted, she had a rather flat body type. She transformed herself completely with the bosom implants and became a trending thing among movie fans. So, the money she spent on the installation of implants was worth it as she managed to get the targeted attention.

Rakhi Sawant – The Cosmetic Sensation

She has openly confessed that she has spent millions of dollars on her body to perfect it. One of the biggest spendings was done to get bigger curves so that she could flaunt it to seduce men and become a trending thing in India.

Well, it is safe to say that the money that these actresses spent to install the breast implants has not gone in vain. As a matter of fact, their investment has grown exponentially leading to personal wealth creation, and it increased their popularity exponentially. They have exploited men’s obsession with curves like pros.

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