Bollywood trying too hard to beat Hollywood but what are the weakest links?

Being an Indian I admit my first love with Bollywood movies, and later I joined the league of Hollywood fans by watching poorly dubbed Sci-fi movies in Hindi. Grown up watching movies like Godzilla, Anaconda, and Spider-Man, we waited too late to watch them on Saturday nights.  But when we began watching movies with subtitles, we went for various genres and thought why we were watching same stories in Bollywood movies. Many people will start abusing me here because I cursed Bollywood but a percentage of people will be satisfied.

It is not only the nepotism which is killing Bollywood but also the lack of some real stories. I am not saying every movie has been copied because I love to follow Indian Actors and Actresses and their work.  Some movies can make you laugh, and some can make you cry because they are in your language and you feel connected with the characters of the story. But all these things are possible in Hollywood cinema too.  Yes, sometimes it is tough to follow the local vocabulary, but the subtitles can help.

There are some beautiful movies which are better in Bollywood when compared to the originals. But that doesn’t mean that you can take an already hit story from the neighbors and add the star kids to create a masterpiece. There is urgent need to raise the standard as what the directors are doing is old wine in new bottle with some remake music and an item number.

The length of the movie is now an issue and also the biggest troublemaker the “Censor Board” who already has some moral codes which are preventing new talent to flourish.  “Do we need a censor board” is another issue to discuss but it highly necessary to bring the change.

We can use the latest Technology to make the cinematography better and to make the movies more alive, but that can’t solve the problem. These are additional things, and some regional cinemas are not able to afford the latest tech, but still, they are a step ahead of many big production houses of Bollywood Industry.

The problem is not with our actors as many had been making a huge buzz in the world cinema with their powerful acting skills. Nepotism is an issue, there are a few directors in the industry that goes with the unknown faces, but the talent speaks. We can’t judge every movie on its commercial success as no movie was able to get Oscar for India.

Do we need Oscar? Yes, we do. But for that, the producers and the directors need to invest their time and money in some extraordinary stories, and some real talent is required.  There are many Bollywood movies which went for Oscars but are they commercially successful? Not all because we are looking at the success of a film with how much money it makes.

I request Bollywood and every person of this colorful industry to change this attitude. Indian viewers also need to understand that these things are not good for competing at International level.

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