Horrifying! Bollywood celebs who encountered real ghosts in their lives

Most of the times when we hear about ghost stories, we tend to reject them as it could very well be a made up story. But when celebrities share their experiences, there is no way to ignore them. There are quite a few Bollywood celebrities who had bone-chilling encounters with ghosts and felt paranormal activities around them. Before discarding them as publicity stunts, you need to read them out and decide for yourself.

Govinda and the Scary Ghost on His Chest

One night, Govinda was sleeping in a room nearby his movie set. He woke up suddenly and realized that a scary woman was sitting on his chest. He turned on the light, and there was no one around. He was surprised to find that the messy room where he had slept was neatly arranged. He got the scare of his life and ran away from the place immediately.

Soha Ali Khan and Mahi Gill – Gang Of Ghosts

They were shooting for a movie named “Gang of Ghosts” and the setting of the movie was in a haunted Haveli. At night, the crew cast and crew members were shocked to hear noises of furniture moving on the floor above them. When they went there to investigate, they realized that the upper floor is the terrace and it is completely empty. They bailed out of the place overnight.

Ranveer Singh and the Spirit of Peshwa Bajirao

Ranveer Singh claimed that he did not believe in ghosts until one day while he was shooting for Bajirao Mastani, he felt the presence of invisible spirits around him. He ignored it completely and then in the evening, during sunset, the entire cast and crew witnessed a strange event. There was a black wall on the set where white dust settled down forming the portrait of Bajirao himself with the perfect resemblance.

Emraan Hashmi – The Haunted Hotel Room

Emraan once went on a vacation trip with his friends in Matheran. They settled in a hotel where there was hardly any other guest so that fans did not disturb them. But at night, they started hearing loud screams around their room. When they investigated, they found nothing and spent the entire night awake and utterly horrified by the invisible ghost.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui and the Ghostly Frame

While shooting for the movie Aatma, there was one shot that was taken in an abandoned house. While shooting a scene, the cameraman noticed that the frame behind Nawaz was suddenly turning hazy and then black. He did not warn the actor as he was giving a great shot. Suddenly, the frame fell behind him without any breeze, and the nail was still fixed on the wall. They still have a shot in video form.

Bipasha Basu and Mukesh Mills

Mukesh Mills is one of the scariest places with many paranormal activities reported. But somehow, it is also one of the most favorite places for directors to shoot movies. Bipasha was there too for the movie “Gunaah” and witnessed several paranormal activities like she could not deliver her dialogue in a certain room, sudden wind from nowhere and worst of them all, a girl got possessed and died in a few days.

There is no way you can discard them as publicity stunts because most of these experiences were shared many months after their occurrence. Most importantly, most of the incidents have multiple witnesses. Even though science may still disapprove the presence of ghosts just because they cannot explain it, it is very clear that ghosts do exist and they can be scary.

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