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Most shocking confessions from Bollywood celebs that will leave you stunned

Bollywood celebs need to be very cautious when they are on the public platform because any awkward statement can create controversy. But at the same time, it is their controversies that make them trending and more popular than ever. Over the last few years, we have seen a major transformation in the Bollywood industry where celebs have become more open, and they are not afraid of speaking their mind.

It is this trait that has made many Bollywood celebrities make some shocking confessions about their lives that have left the nation completely stunned. Here are some of the handpicked confessions made by your favorite Bollywood stars that you need to read:

Ranbir Kapoor – Losing Virginity and Addiction

He shocked the world when he confessed that at the tender age of 15, he lost his virginity. This is not the first time Ranbir let out some dark secrets from his past life. In another instance, he confessed about his addiction to alcohol and drugs and how it caused a rift in his relationships.

Ranveer Singh – Playboy Status Still On

Ranveer Singh has to be the most open-minded actor in Bollywood at present. There is not a single secret in his life that he has not revealed in public. He revealed that he had many one-night stand encounters. But the shocking part of his confession is that he still carries a condom in his wallet every day.

Sunny Leone – Facing Heat for Past Activities

Sunny Leone is a controversial figure mostly because of her past, but it is not often that she makes a sensational statement. There was one instance when she opened up about her past life confessing that her relatives in India did not know about her past profession and they came to know about it through the Indian media. When they did, they made many hurting remarks at her.

Hrithik Roshan – Bullying and Depression

Hrithik confessed that he had a stammering problem in his childhood which he overcame after a lot of training and practice. But due to his stammering, he had to face a lot of bullying at school and college. He was in a state of depression for a few days.

Shah Rukh Khan – A Heartfelt Confession

Shah Rukh Khan has been in many controversies for speaking his heart out in public. But his one heartfelt confession stands out when he said that he does not know how to make friends or how to maintain a friendship. It was that time when he had a bitter relationship with Salman Khan and had a tiff with his best friend, Karan Johar.

Govinda – Extra-marital Affair Revealed

Govinda is the true Rockstar from the past generation of Bollywood superstars. He had many ups and downs in his career and personal life. He has been in many controversies for his affairs with a few actresses. During an interview, Govinda confessed that he had an extra-marital affair and his married wife was about to file for a divorce.

Sanjay Dutt – Addiction at Its Extreme

Sanjay Dutt is the only superstar in Bollywood who served so many days behind bars. But his confession reflects about his past life of drug abuse. He had to go to rehab to recover himself, and after coming out, he fearlessly confessed that he used to take pills, sniff and inject drugs in the blood.

Well, being a celebrity is not easy when you have some dark secrets in your closet. Only the brave celebrities have been able to clear their conscience by openly confessing their past deeds.

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