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Shocking as hell! Bollywood celebs who are not citizens of India

How shocking would it be when you learn that the nationalist whom you have been supporting for years turned out to be a foreigner in disguise? Similar is the case with some of the Bollywood celebs who Indians worship as Gods and Goddesses. If you are a fan of the following superstars, you would be completely shocked that they are not even Indian citizens and they do not say it because it could decrease their fan following massively.

Alia Bhatt

She is undoubtedly the most popular actress in Bollywood as far as youth support goes. But she is actually British and holds a British citizenship passport. The fact of the matter is that her mother Soni Razdan is of British origin and subsequently, she inherits that.

Nargis Fakhri

Most of you probably saw this coming because she stays in foreign countries more than she stays in India. She is actually an American citizen and holds an American passport. It is due to the same reason that she got to participate in American’s Next Top Model.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is a citizen of the USA by birth. He was born and brought up there. Just to show his patriotism for India, if he wishes to give up his citizenship of the USA, he has to pay ten years taxes in advance. What a catch!

Jacqueline Fernandez

Many of you might already know that she is not a product of India. She is actually a Sri Lankan, and you could probably tell this if you listen to her Hindi. She even won the Miss Universe Sri Lanka title in 2006.

Deepika Padukone

Here comes the big shocker. Deepika is the top actress in Bollywood at present, and she is not even Indian by birth. She holds a Danish passport as she was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Later, her parents came back to India and resided in Bangalore.

Katrina Kaif

Everyone can tell that she is not Indian especially because of the way she still speaks Hindi. She is actually British and a discovery of the Salman Khan Production team. Interestingly enough, she was actually born in Hong Kong.

Evelyn Sharma

It is a no brainer that she is a mixed product of two countries and one can tell that from her name. She is quite popular among youth for her glamorous look. She is actually a German by birth, and she had her education in the United Kingdom.

Amy Jackson

She has managed to make quite an impact in India more with her looks and photo shoots than her acting skills thus far. She is also a British citizen, and hence, she finds it difficult to speak Hindi fluently.

Sapna Pabbi

The actress from the movie Khamoshiyan who created waves in Bollywood is just another British citizen. People are easily fooled by her name and look and think that she is Indian.

Akshay Kumar

Well, we saved the best for the last. He has Canadian citizenship, and even his Wikipedia page mentions the same.

That was enough shock for the day to absorb. Who would have thought that they would reject Desi products and start cheering for foreigners? But as long as you believe that talent has no boundary, you can cheer anyone you want to.

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