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Shocking transformation! How Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt turned from fat to fit!

Alia Bhatt is definitely the most popular Bollywood actress among the youth generation. Ever since her debut in the movie Student of the Year, she has captured everyone’s, heart. She is not just another glamorous actress. She is also prolific in acting. But to reach this stage, she had to sacrifice a lot. She was not always that slim all the time. Her journey of losing her weight is inspiring for overweight persons out there who get bullied every day.


20 Kilos in Six Months

She was cast in her debut movie when she was 19, and she was rather overweight at that time. She was given the ultimatum that she had to lose 20 kilos in six months so that she looks perfect when the shooting starts. She took it as a challenge and achieved the impossible. She lost 16 kilos in the first three months only.

Alia Bhatt’s Workout Plan –

She used to hit the gym every morning, and she appointed a personal trainer to assist her in losing weight. To start her daily exercise, she used to run on the treadmill to warm her body up and prepare it for heavy exercise. Following that, she used to do dumbbell raising to bring her muscles in proper shape. Pushups were used to tone down the fat content in her figure, and after that, lateral pull down and bicep curls were in her routine for the whole body exercise.


On alternative days, she used to do triceps push down, back extensions, crunches, and squats to pay equal attention to every part of her body so that no deformation could be there. She generally used to do one exercise at least 20 times in repetition.

Extra Workout Routine –

Apart from hitting the gym every day, she used to do cardio exercise at home for at least half an hour. She even practiced altitude climbing, beach running, swimming, kickboxing, circuit training all of which are mandatory for an actress and they also help to lose weight significantly. Apart from these, she loved to do yoga and various dancing styles to bring flexibility and agility.

Alia Bhatt’s Diet Plan –

This is where she had to sacrifice a lot. She was a foodie, and she had a hard time saying no to her favorite foods and dishes. Most of her diet plan had vegetables and fruits. Junk food was absolutely out of the question. She even had to avoid ice creams and sweets.

The basic plan was to eat in small quantity but many times a day. She used to have eight meals but together, it did not even constitute one normal meal.

Breakfast – Black coffee or green tea, Poha, vegetable sandwich, fruits, cornflakes, brown bread toast with olive oil and vegetable soup.

In between breakfast and lunch, she used to take fruit juice, Idli and Sāmbhar and fruit mixture.

Lunch – Dal, vegetables, roti, chicken breast, yogurt. But no rice or oily stuff.

In between lunch and dinner, she could have fruits, soup, and black coffee.

Dinner – A small bowl of rice, vegetables, dal, salads.

She used to eat fibrous foods with low-carb and high protein.

All those who thought that she came into the industry because opportunities were handed down to her in a silver spoon need to rethink. She sacrificed a lot and still does to be the angel we all like to see on the screen.

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