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Sunny Is an Internet Sensation, and these things make her a powerful candidate in Bollywood

Call her by the name of Baby Doll or Laila of Bollywood, Karenjit Vohra Kaur or simply Known as Sunny Leone enjoys a huge fan following in the world of Bollywood. The actress is now living in India and working in many successful TV shows and movies.  She is a strong contender when a director needs someone smart, sexy and amazing for a seductive role.   And according to various movies released recently, we have seen that she had been a victim of typecasting.

The Laila of this generation has been offered same roles of a seductive actress in many movies, but the star is trying to do something new every time. Since her arrival to Indian Movie Industry, the lady had successfully gained many new followers who now keep increasing. It was not like nobody knew her when she was not in the Movies. She was part of few international projects which doesn’t gain popularity.

We all know that she once invited to be the part of reality show “Bigg Boss” where she was spotted by Mahesh Bhatt, and she signed her first flick with under the Bhatt Campaign. She tried every different role which came to her, but it was our directors which are casting her for some same genres.   By being the part of MTV’s Splittsvilla, she turned the heat on. Here she is continuously appearing as a fantastic host.

The Actress has now turned 35 years old and done a lot of movies which are hard to imagine if you are favorable with Nepotism.  Her background to the Adult entertainment industry is no longer a problem to her as she had proved that Bollywood is her only playground.  She is a consistent winner of most searched personality on the Internet and her new projects with known directors are helping her to establish her roots in the Industry.

She was the Internet sensation and is continuously maintaining the crown. By being part of Adult shows and Sex comedies she is exploiting her image to be the best. Whether it is the advertisements of Condoms or her perfume brand, Sunny is a star with endorsements.  The actress has joined hands with PETA to support the voice against animal cruelty. Sunny has an Indian Punjabi family background hence she is aware of Hindi and Hindi cinema.

A few people may have shown resistance to work with her but it their bad luck. Her charming persona and sexy moves in the various dance numbers have put her on the top of the list.  She is beating many big names with her name and fame which is a great thing.  It will help other actresses to be prepared. The tables have turned, and now everybody wants to be the Baby Doll of Gold, but it can be the one and only our sweet Sunny.

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