Yummiest mummies of Bollywood who are setting bars for future mothers

Every woman has superpowers, and every mother is the best in the world. But being an actress and a mother at the same time is the toughest thing in a woman’s life. Somehow, most of them have maintained a perfect balance between their personal and professional life. They did not let their motherhood take away their glamor even a bit. Here are the yummiest mummies of Bollywood who are simply extraordinary and they are inspiring current and future moms across the world.

Kareena Khan Kapoor – Back to Her Best Form

She is the latest mother in the B-town and is definitely one of the most glamorous actresses of all times. It is quite natural that she got totally transformed and lost all her glamor quotient during her pregnancy. But it did not take her long to come back to the original form post her son’s birth, and she is probably in the best shape of her life.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Angels Don’t Age

She is considered to be the most beautiful woman alive by many. But most of her fans thought that she chose to be pregnant as she was done with the Bollywood industry. But her shocking transformation post her daughter’s birth became viral, and she made the most impactful comeback in the Bollywood industry and competed with the young actresses. She is probably the only actress from her time to survive and thrive in Bollywood till day.

Malaika Arora Khan – Is She Still In Her 20s?

She is undoubtedly one of the supermodels in India and a perfect style icon to follow who sets new bars for girls of all age to follow. She is actually in her 40s, and she is a perfect mom to a son. She looks young, fit and people still drool over her moves in item songs. She is the true example of how age is just another number.

Twinkle Khanna – Motherhood Made Her Better

One has to agree that she has still got it what it takes to be a leading actress in blockbuster movies. As a matter of fact, her fans claim that she is in the best shape and look of her life at present especially after becoming a mom to a son and a daughter. She is super popular on social media, has a viral blog, and writes books. She is also a reputable interior designer.

Madhuri Dixit Nene – Ageing Makes Her Younger

She should be a curious case of medical observation because, with every passing year, she is getting prettier and glamorous. You just cannot take your eyes off her every time she appears on the screen. Every young guy seems to have a crush on her, and even the young actors of Bollywood die to have a dance step with her. She is a mother to two sons.

Genelia D’Souza – Still the Cutest Angel

Even though she is a mother but every time she appears in the TV commercials, you feel like she should have still been in Bollywood. She is still so young, cute, bubbly and charming. She can give the current popular actresses a run for their money.

All the mothers and would-be mothers in the world need to take inspiration from the above actresses. They need to understand that motherhood is not the end of their glamorous days. One can work their way back and be the yummiest mummies with pride.

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