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5 Indian Children Games that need to be revived

“We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing!” – Benjamin Franklin.

Do you remember playing by the river with your friends on a sunny morning? And then getting all covered with dirt only to receive a scolding from your mom when you reach home? Let’s refresh some more memories. Remember the games of Kancha, Lagori or Lattoo? These were common games back in the 80s and 90s and even before that. Today’s generation is so into video games that they never had the opportunity to experience the joy of running in the fields and skillfully going out of the house to play with friends after sunset. This needs to change, and for that, we have come up with 5 Indian children games that should be revived.


This is a game played in rural areas with marbles, stones or coins. The target is basically to earn more marbles from the lot by hitting them with the one you have. It’s a strategy and aim based game that sharpens children’s targeting skills.


An exceptionally well-known game among children in India at one time. It includes a ball and a heap of a level stones stacked on top of each other. One individual from a group tosses the ball at the stack to smack the stones over. The group then tries to rebuild the heap of stones while the opposing group tosses the ball at them. If the ball touches a boy, he is out, and his group continues without him. It’s another strategy and aiming game for children to develop their inner potentials.


Another fantastic childhood game is Lattoo which is still quite familiar among Indian kids. Young generation knows the modern version of it as Beyblade. It is a game that includes turning a wooden top (lattoo), which has grooves in it and a nail at the base on which it turns.

A thick string is wrapped around the furrows on the lower half and pulling the string makes the top turn. This game is perfect for family bonding and time pass.

Kho Kho

This is another popular Indian game which is losing its charm due to technology. The game involves two groups, who are required to pursue down and tag the players of the inverse group to win. The pursuing group conveys nine players onto the field, who sit in a straight line with exchange players confronting inverse sides. The chasers need to ensure they get the runners (who enter the field each one in turn) before the time runs out. This game enables children to think quickly and grow a bond with their teammates.


Hopscotch is a well-known play for children in which players toss a little stone or marble into numbered spaces of a shape of rectangles set apart on the ground and after that, they bounce or hop through the spaces on a leg to recover the question. This game develops children’s mathematical skills along with stamina and flexibility.

Try to play these games with your children or your friends. Try to rejoice in your childhood and help your kids enjoy the beauty of outdoor games rather than technology. Teach them these so they can teach these games to their children too. Otherwise, the Indian sports culture will lose its magic someday.


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