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5 Indian Habits a Foreigner would likely Pickup while Staying in India and would Love to Pass It On

Customs and culture are unique to every country. India is the heart of the cultural world. Although many foreigners visiting India, go through a cultural shock at first but by the time they are ready to hit the roads back home, they take some of the habits they get accustomed to here without any regret.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get on the 5 Indian habits that foreigners love to take home with them over time:

Eating with Their Bare Hands

When you come from the East, North or South of the world, you know the proper manner of eating food is with your fork and knife. Although, pizza nights are different when you are free to eat any way you like. People in India never eat with their cutleries unless and until you are in a diner, a restaurant or a meeting? Indians enjoy having food with their bare hands no matter if it’s gravy or dry food. They believe that the proper happiness of eating is only achieved when eaten with their bare hands. To foreigners, at first, they feel quite awkward and out of place when they see commoners eating with hands around them but soon, they get accustomed to it and start enjoying it.

Taking Shoes off before Entering Anyone’s House

In India, most of the houses have Mandir inside their homes. They keep the houses neat and clean in a manner that you feel you’re entering a sacred place. The environment is not of partying or having night overs that you are used to. This is a reason why they always keep their shoes outside the home. When you enter an Indian house you are staying in; you end up building a habit of taking off your shoes before entering. This habit soon becomes a ritual, and the foreigners end up doing it in their own homes too.

Wearing Bright Colors with Confidence

A foreigner’s first reaction when they come to India vibrancy and color! Not all the people around the world are used to bright colors. But if they end up visiting India, they will inevitably fall in love with colors. Starting from food to weddings to clothes, everything is based on color to make yourself happy. This is a habit that foreigners adore to take home with them.

Drinking Water without Touching the Lips

Indians always keep it clean and hygienic. When it comes to drinking water, it is no different. They drink water from glasses and bottles without touching it to the mouth. That way, other people can drink from the same bottle without fearing of germs. Another habit foreigners have adored throughout time.

Falling in Love with the Veggies

We all know how annoyed our children get when they see vegetables on their plates. But in India, that’s never an issue. As 40% of the total population is vegetarian, you will find a variety of veg items that will make you forget about meat. Often, foreigners take these recipes with them and make a habit of preparing them for their children.

India is full of new things. Come and enjoy. Learn and teach. This is a land that will show you the true meaning of tradition.



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