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Chai Representing the Indian Culture

A wise person once that the best way to win a man’s heart is through his tummy. Throughout time, Indian women have followed this agenda to win their men’s hearts. But do only women follow this tradition?

In the West, a typical scenario that has been noticed throughout time is Chai. This is basically tea served in a clay cup. The general idea is to serve the tea in these cups to a single person, and when the person is done with his share, he can throw it out and break it so that no one else uses the same cup. In the European or American states, this idea of Chai is quite difficult to imagine. That is because they are familiar with the concepts of cafes and takeaway coffee shops but nothing related to Matka Chai.


As you already know, India is mainly a country that promotes Hinduism. Above 80% of the total population is Hindu. This religion also has some subcategories that are divided on the basis of class and power. These are generally known as Castes which are divided into four types – Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and the Shudras. The respectable positions of the society were held by Brahmins who were mostly teachers and intellectuals. In the second position were the Kshatriyas who were the warriors and rulers. Thirdly, the Vaishyas who were basically merchants and traders. The last part of the society was Shudras. These people were the farmers, fishermen, etc. and they worked for the upper castes for money.

Now, relating the history with our article, these castes did not like to be mixed. The history of Indian culture has shown that the castes preferred to be kept at a distance. Marriages and Agreements only happened in the same castes. They did not even drink water from the same pot. This idea triggered the thought of Chai. As the cups could be used only for one customer, the people did not find it difficult to take tea from the same Chai Wala.

Soon, this idea became popular, and it has run through ages and has become a tradition among the West Indians. When you check out articles on top foods of India, you will surely come across this tea that comes in clay cups. Not to mention, the clay pots give the tea an exceptional taste, making it an amazing remedy to recharge your mood.

Although recently, this boundary between castes have lowered down and people are concentrating more on their family education and behavior than castes. For this reason, when you visit India, you will find many shops now offering tea in paper cups. But that does not mean the tradition has expired. You can still find these Chai Matkas in the West and more specifically, in street shops. The well-reputed coffee shops sell take away or regular coffees in mugs that you will expect in your hometown.

Ergo, if you are ever in India and yearn for a tea break, don’t waste money of expensive shops. Rather, go to a tea stall and get yourself a Chai at a low cost. We can promise you! It will be worth your money and time!

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