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Indian Weddings: Spreading Love and Flavour of the Indian Tradition throughout the World

Ever been to an Indian wedding before? If not, then you missed a series of entertainment and fun which you can never expect in any other wedding. Why do I say that?

First of all, when you are attending an Indian wedding, you will notice everything is more colorful and vibrant than the European or American weddings. They like to spread the joy, celebrate many rituals, and bring in many friends and relatives. You will find loud music playing along with the married couple’s friends or cousins dancing to it. Moreover, the food is quite different too. Spicy, Sour, Sweet – you name it, they have it!

When you are a foreign visitor to India and have been invited to a wedding, be sure to pack a beautiful Ghagra or Saari with you. Ghagra is a traditional long skirt worn by women in India that are brilliant and colorful with many types of designs in it. Now, coming back to the wedding, India is a country full of different traditions. There are mainly four types of weddings you will see – Hindu weddings, Muslim weddings, Christian weddings and Buddhist weddings. The other religions are the usual ones in foreign countries, but the Hindu weddings have different types and rituals that you won’t find in any other wedding.

What are the types of Hindu weddings?

As India is a big country, it has different states in it. A wedding can happen in styles such as Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, etc. The main rituals of these weddings are the same, but all of them have a different authentic touch to their states to make it more homely and lively. For example, if you are invited to a Bengali wedding, you will see red and white saris are common in women. The bride will wear a bright red sari with the pallu come to the front. The groom will wear dhoti and sherwani. Men also wear dhoti, and you will easily find non-veg items in the food menu.

On the other hand, in a Tamil wedding, you will see the surrounding decorated with rich gold, white and red colors. The bride will wear an elegant white sari with gold and will have gajra on her head. The groom wears a similar clothing to the Bengalis though. Although, they have a different ritual before the wedding which consists of a Ganesh puja and the second round of change of sari of the bride. Food is also quite different. You won’t find non-veg here.

Although different states have different types of wedding, they all follow one set of rituals. These rituals are – Kanyadaan, Panigrahana, and Saptapadi. The ceremony where the bride is given to her husband by her father is called as Kanyadaan. Panigrahana is the ritual where both the bride and groom take each other’s hands in front of the fire as a sign of union. Lastly, Saptapadi also known as Saat Phere is where the bride and groom circle the holy fire seven times and vow to stay by each other’s side. These circles can be lessened according to the type of marriage.

Indian weddings are beautiful to watch. With the colors, ceremonies, rituals, food, dressing, makeup and not to mention loud music, you will experience an adventure of a lifetime. The weddings will make you feel alive, and their hospitality will blow you away. Just be sure to take all the necessary clothes with you. Otherwise, you might end up shopping for a lifetime!

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