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It’s not only Mumbai where wings Fly because Delhi has a big heart for all

When we are school going students, we hear about the struggle which a person must need to do to turns the dreams of life into reality. Mumbai is famous for its TV and Bollywood industry where talent from every part of India wants to join.  But when your goal is not related to Showbiz, and you need to enter higher education then Delhi is the first name that comes to your mind.  Like Kota, the capital of India is the place joined by students from the different regions of the country. The capital is known for its crazy lifestyle which is not easy to afford unless you are from a strong economic background.

North campus vibes of Delhi University provides the exposure you need. The admission season is on, and this time too a new record of the cutoff will be the headlines of the newspapers.  The competition of getting admission in these colleges is tough, and if you managed to book a seat in your favorite stream, then you are definitely going to enjoy some interesting moments of college life. If you are a Medical or Non- Medical student, then the city is known for AIIMS and IIT-D which can ensure you a successful future, but for that, you must fight real hard.

The city welcomes everyone who has dreams to be something and if you are already a graduate and looking for Ph.D. and Masters, then JNU ranks on the top. There are some very cool options available for further education, but you must be ready to fight for that.

The capital of India is always the first choice for people who look for proper coaching and guidance for competitive guidance. I experienced the difference in attitude of people preparing in a competitive environment and the people who do it from home. Thousands of students prepare for SSC, UPSC, Banking and Defense exams in their congested rooms while pursuing their college degrees.

The economics of the city is largely dependent on these students, and every day some new faces join the race and some says bye. Yes, you will miss the taste of home cooked meal as either you are sitting on some food stall or cooking something for yourself.  This city gives you many options to keep you entertained, but the pollution and the temperature are two things you can’t ignore.

You can love it or hate it, but the competition is tough and hence can’t be overlooked. You can get inspiration from students who made it possible in toughest conditions and can be a success story for someone to talk about.  Make new friends of different regions and see how your goals are same even when you are not speaking the same language.  Do it for yourself and don’t kill your interests if you are here under peer pressure. Leave your comfort zone and meet your destiny.


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