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Maharana Pratap: Epitome of valor

The land of India is full of brave heroes who have time and again showed their courage and laid down their lives for a bigger cause. These heroes stood for the right bereft bothering about the consequences. Their bravery and their contribution towards rich Indian history have made them immortal.

One such brave soul is Maharana Pratap who stood against the mighty Mughals like a one man army. Mughals started capturing parts of India by making alliances with other kings. They wanted to conquer the entire country. Almost all the indigenous rulers succumbed in front of the Mughals except this Mewar king. The Mughal tried hard to make him bow down but he never accepted defeat from them. Akbar was his biggest rival and he even tried to convince him in joining hands with him. However, Maharana Pratap never thought of alliancing and was rather ready for war.

His courage and strength knew no bounds. Once an attacker was preying on him but the alert ruler saw the attacker from the corner of his eyes and sliced him into the half. History is encumbered with the story of bravery and cleverness of this great emperor.

In 1576, the epic battle of Haldighati took place betwixt Akbar’s forces and Maharana Pratap. Akbar’s army was vast and Pratap’s army was only one-tenth of the massive army. Maharana’s army was brave like him and all his troops were ready to sacrifice their lives for their motherland. His men were outrageously loyal to him and fought like warriors against their substantial and powerful opponents. One of his men named Jhala Manna disguised himself as Pratap by wearing the emblem and the helmet during the war against Mughals. This made the Mughals attack him and he sacrificed his life just to divert the Mughals and save his emperor, Maharana Pratap.

So immense was the influence of this great soul that even his horse, Chetak was always with his master and assisted him in wars. Once Chetak was severely wounded and his master was injured too. The blue-eyed horse did not care about his pain and carried Pratap safely by jumping across the canal. Chetak saved his master but could not endure the pain and wounds and died. Pratap mourned at the death of his brave horse and pledged to take revenge.

Once Mughal conquered his motherland, Mewar. Pratap did not rest and kept on his constant efforts to conquer back his land. He left wealth and comfort and rather focused on his goal to regain his territory. When Akbar was busy conquering other parts of the country, Pratap cleverly took back his empire. He won back his lost territories and advanced with a new capital, Chavand.

Maharana Pratap was a wise warrior and was known for his quirky tactics and inspirational resurgence. Pratap used guerilla warfare to fight against the brawny Mughals. These tactics were later on adopted by the great Shivaji. His story of courage instills the heart of every Indian with proud and inspires us all.

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