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These interesting things will make your mind to have a Haryanvi friend in your group

We love our friend circle where people of interesting cultural backgrounds meet. One of the interesting things to have them is to know more about the different culture, taste, language and clothing.  The Modern Haryanvis are no different than the other friends of North India, but still, you can find some differences.  If you had never visited Haryana, then you have no idea about the different types of Haryanvis you can see here.

The areas which are along the borders of Delhi are now accepting the typical Delhi lifestyle with a Desi Swag. Whether it is English or Hindi, no matter what language they speak will have a little touch of Haryana. This is sometimes difficult to notice because sometimes it resembles with the culture of areas of UP.

Move a little further in the direction of North, and the people of Rohtak and Sonipat will give you the taste which is not easy to digest. The language is a little “LatthMaar,” but that doesn’t mean they are not respecting you.  The villagers love to interact with visitors who are not aware of Haryana and its culture. To experience the original customs and traditions you need to have someone from such background.

The Desi Food and desi flavors are great because in villages the food is still prepared on Chulhas. The Desi ghee on Hot chappatis with Chutney and Homemade Subzi or Saag is something which is not available in any Hotel or Resort. A glass of homemade lassi during lunch will make you enjoy bed for the whole noon.  Like many other Orthodox regions of this country, the older man is the head of the family. They earned their respect from the experience they gained with the old age.

You have probably seen some latest Bollywood movies which are not enough to know Haryana and Haryanvis. A friend can be your tour guide to the land of agriculture and the land which is now helping the whole country to meet the daily needs of food and milk. You may have an image of Haryana where girls were treated inferior to boys but my friend that image no longer exists. Yes, sometimes the parents are too strict to ensure the safety of their child, but they also try their best to turn their child’s dream into reality.

Enjoy fresh air, beautiful views of villages because Haryana is accepting the concept of Swach Bharat.  Try to be here in a family function of your friend because then you can see how all the family members and relatives love to be a part of a celebration. If you are lucky, then the traditional Haryanvi dresses can catch your mind. Beautiful faces who believe in hard work are now in the every field of life.

Enjoy your visit to this beautiful state where you will find every culture flourishing with a Desi Tadka. Do not forget our version of Choorma when you were leaving for home.

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