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Types of Indians in a Journey on Indian Railways

People love to travel and sometimes it is the necessity because you need to work and sometimes you are working out of the station. Indian Railways is famous for many reasons and do not start complaining about food and the slow ticketing process because these things are common for people who travels daily. There are many youngsters out there who have not traveled in Indian Railway and if they then only experienced it by traveling in reserved compartments.

We are discussing which types of co-passengers are usually joining you when you are in train.

People with Music:

Traveling is boring when you have no friends to accompany you hence you can carry your favorite media device which is usually a Smartphone. Many people love to enjoy their music in private, but you can see many passengers playing video/ audio songs loud on their mobile speakers. These people are troublemakers when you are not interested in the tracks they are playing.

The Chatter Box:

These are my favorite people in a journey not because they have political issues to discuss, but also their listening to their views is like attending a comedy show. They love to compare the old times and the present where the topics of discussions vary from politics, corruption, education system and the trending news of papers.   They can plan a new India while sitting in a compartment with the person they don’t know but as soon as one of them completes the journey the topic changes.

The Listeners:

Hmm…they are quite serious people and love to nod on anything you are asking for them. These people are the reason for the popularity of speakers in such journeys.  They act as a right audience to the chatterbox and hate interrupting any conversation happening on board. These people are similar to the audience of rallies and street shows who knows nothing going to change.

The families with small kids:

Kids can either make your journey a memorable one or can give a tour to hell. Especially in summers when they are frustrated and needs attention, these bright faces start crying, and you will be disturbed. The worst thing is you can’t do anything to help them and hence both the parties suffer.  If they are relaxed and in the mood to play, then you can spend the whole journey watching their cute and adorable face. Do ask for permission before clicking pictures.

The Sleepers:

This is the category which suits me best.  If a proper seat is arranged, then you can’t resist yourself from a quick nap.  But here some conditions apply, do not sleep when you are carrying valuable goods and children because you must be ready to ensure safety.  I have seen many people who can sleep anywhere { as I mostly travel in the General compartment}.  Reservation of seat is the best thing you can do to enjoy your sleep and safety.

I am not mentioning other varieties because it is your turn to make this post interesting. Do share your views and the type of person you are. Have a Happy and safe Journey.

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