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When Britain can do it why not India? We need clean river water

Water bodies are the reason of life on this planet, and it is the only reason which costs millions of dollars on space missions. Human population is growing at a faster rate and so is the depletion of water bodies are happening.  One of the important reasons of unavailability of drinking water is the pollution which is making the condition worst. It is true that it is hard to undo the actions which are responsible for it but Britain has done it, and we should do it too.

The Industrialization in Britain was the reason of dying of the Thames which was its lifeline. The sewage from cities and the effluents were a big problem for the country. The city of London had faced Cholera because of it which leads to the death of thousands of people for many years. It was not easy to make it alive because it was not a job for a single person to make it happen but their efforts were successful, and now the amount of oxygen in the river is the reason for healthy marine life.

In a country like India, where we are an Agriculture based economy, the fresh water bodies are a necessity. We are also doing great in the manufacturing sector, but the untreated wastage is the cause of concern. Rivers are necessary for wastewater disposal, but you can’t throw the waste water directly in a running river.

A human skull on the banks of river Yamuna in Wazirabad, New Delhi on May 5, 2013. According to some older sects of Hinduism, the human body is immersed in the river instead of burning it, and these toxic remains pollute the river for many years afterwards.

A proper B.O.D count i.e. a Biochemical oxygen demand is needed to be checked at the time of disposal. The treated wastewater should not degrade the oxygen levels in the river which is harmful to marine life.  Namami Gange, Ganga Action Plan, and Yamuna Action Plan are some of the projects which are targeting the main rivers.  Spending crores of rupees are not helping as the condition of streams and rivers are not getting better.

Being an educated person we know why should not pollute our rivers but for the sake of money, the factories and industries near the rivers are breaking the rules.  Economic Development is necessary but at what cost? The biodiversity is getting badly affected; the polluted water is of no use for farmers the ground water table is no longer providing pure water to the poor communities and a lot more.

You may have an R.O system in your homes, but there are some regions where people have no choice hence they have to use polluted water directly.  Britain is still fighting with the system to make Thames waste free but has we started?  You can help in to make it better for you and your future generations otherwise the dead rivers will no longer be able to support agriculture and water borne diseases will be the reason for mass extinction.

Give this topic a second thought and do your best to support the environment. There are plenty of resources available if we choose the right way of consumption, but your greed is something which is not possible to be fed.

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