Teen, Exams and Parents

The board examinations are a time of reckoning for every student. With the pressure to score well from their parents and relatives, the students readily give up on all their hobbies. The routine of the students these days is going to school, tuitions and revising whatever they studied during the day. The students are not alone in this; the pressure of the examination is seen in the parents too. Parents stay up at nights with their children. Although the parents want to support their children, but unknowingly they add up to the examination pressure. The children are scared to disappoint their parents.

According to a survey the students are not scared of the exam pressure, but are more scared from the pressure from their parents. These days all we are focused about is competition and marks, the teens of today are left with no life of their own. There is this thing with the parents that they expect their children to study for 10 hours in a day which is not possible. The children are well aware of their capacity and capabilities. Mugging up a topic will not add to their knowledge, it will only frustrate them more. Students start feeling suffocated from their own parents and their increasing expectations. Parents usually get angry at their children for not studying instead of appreciating their hard work. Most of the Indian parents think that watching TV or surfing the net will make their children score worse on the examinations. The children get tired after studying. Watching television for half an hour won’t harm them; it will only help them get relaxed. Parents go to have a check on their children after every half an hour. It just bugs their concentration and makes it hard for children to concentrate. According to a survey when the children find their parents stressed during the exams, it increases the anxiety and nervousness of the children. Parents usually compare their children with the neighbor’s child or some other child from the relative. This comparison is not at all healthy for the children and their self-esteem and confidence. Students preparing for board examinations don’t sleep at night just to perform well and make their parents proud.

The increasing stress levels and the fear of disappointing their parents is one of the leading causes of depression and suicidal tendencies these days for the children. In today’s world of competition, the children are already scared; they do not require their parents to de-motivate them. The statically proven records reveal that almost half the students have skipped meals during the exams and had trouble sleeping and around 14% of children consumed alcohol or switched to smoking to deal with the anxiety of exams.

It is the responsibility of the parents to help the children deal with the exam stress. Instead of shouting and scolding them for not living up to your expectations, the parents can tell their children to calm down and study the way they want to. Seeing their parents less stressed, it will become easy for the children to focus without the fear of failure.

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