12 Rosesh Sarabhai’s Poems That You Can Quote in Real-Life Situations

So Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai is back with Season 2. The show is as good as it was in Season 1, and we have once again been reminded why we fell in love with the show in the first place. Among others, the unforgettable Rosesh Sarabhai and his knack for heart-touching poetry have been etched in our heart.

Here’s a compilation of some of his masterpieces that you can quote in your own life –

When you seek positivity despite life’s troubles –

“Yeh hai teen pair waala kutta

Isko kabhi bhagaana nahin padta

Susu karte waqt usey

Apna pair uthaana nahin padta”

When the sun shines after a heavy rainfall –

“Ghanan ghanan ghanan ghanan

Badalo se aayi pehli surya kiran

Daaton ke liye dant manjan

Aur pet ke liye kaayam chooran”

When you pick a call meant for somebody else –

“Tring tring baji phone ki ghanti

Usne bola mera naam hai Bunty

Phir woh bola namaste Maya Aunty

Maine bola, I am Roshesh, sorry Bunty”

When you want to praise your pet fish –

Soney jaisa rang hai tera

Aankhein jaise moti

Laash jaisi dikhti hai jab

Khuli aankh se soti

When you want to reinvent a nursery rhyme –

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a gaadi

Gaadi pe baitha tabhi aa gayi Dadi

Dadi ne kaha aaja mere paas

Kyunki gaadi pe baithna is just so middle class”

When you have constipation –

“Uff ye kabz, ye acidity

Uff ye roz jaana ek ghanta bathroom

Ye blue tiles ke beech white white toilet

Jaise neele aasman ke beech

Badal masoom”

When you realise you are not your parents’ favourite child –

“Le lo le lo le lo

Mujhe God le lo aap

Mujhe chahiye mujhe

Chaahne wale maa baap

Chalenge kaise bhi maa baap,

Daaku fakir joker jallaad

Bas woh samjhein mujhe

Apni chaheeti aulaad”

When you want to express your love to your crush –

“Khatar khun khatar khun khatar khun

Sunn mere dil ki dhun

Tere pyaar ki oiling mil gayi isey

Toh khatar khun ka ho jaayega gun gun”

When Jelly is your absolute favourite –

“Lagul lagul lagul lagul

Laal laal lagul lagul Jelly

Jelly ke cabret dancer jaise shareer mein

Chhupi hai anjaani ankahee paheli”

When you need to write an obituary –

“Popat kaka ki atma ka popat

Ud gaya ud gaya ud gaya re

Srishti ke srijanhar se popat

Jud gaya jud gaya jud gaya re”

When you are on the quest to understand the purpose of life –

“Tum samjho to mujhe bhi samjhana

Kyun mera jeevan hai khokla

Pagal baawra sa anjaana

Jaise koi baasi sada hua khaman dhokla”

When you have the perfect PM candidate in mind –

“Jelly par kabhi fungus na lagey

Uska swaad kabhi bhankas na lagey

Agar bachani hai humein humari country

Toh jelly ko banana chahiye

Iss desh ka pradhan mantri”


At a loss of words? That’s the magic of Rosesh’s poetry. Go on, share, spread the joy and make someone else speechless today!

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