Action movies where women fight better than men

Why should action films be reserved only for men? Women can defend themselves very well. The heroines of Luc Besson, the super powers of Scarlett Johansson and the ability of Angelina Jolie have proved that women are better than men when it comes to action as well. Here is a selection of action movies where women fight much better than men.


Kill Bill

What’s more normal than starting with one of the most famous ones in the lot? Uma Thurman in Kill Bill directed by Quentin Tarantino fights the Crazy 88. A band of degenerates who unfortunately did not weigh against the woman dressed in yellow. The movie is based on scenes full of blood and corpses which are much joyful to watch

Nikita Woman

Luc Besson likes to put women, headlining. In Nikita, it is Anne Parillaud who manages very well with weapons in the hands. A mythical scene in this restaurant will give you a glimpse of her talents. Enjoy your meal!


The famous acting by Angelina Jolie will keep you appalled. A hunt for “the man” rhythmic with cascades and confrontations, the movie is a true action stunt.

Resident Evil

We could have come out with lots of scenes in the Resident Evil saga. Milla Jovovich enjoys zigzagging by hand, with a pistol or a shotgun. But sometimes she is seen to attack the armed forces of the Umbrella Corporation. When you are told that you should not annoy the ladies, it’s true. The same can be seen in the movie.

The Fifth Element

Long before the zombies, Milla Jovovich had fun with the aliens in The Fifth Element. One of the striking scenes is undoubtedly this confrontation in the continuation of the diva while the latter is singing on stage. An easy fight at the height of the powers is seen from the movie.


Zoe Saldana spent her childhood, becoming a hired killer in Columbiana. A sexy touch, in addition, to eliminating its targets more easily can be seen in the movie. Here, you can see in a close combat where the full extent of its talents has been demonstrated.


Scarlett Johansson becomes an unbeatable heroine since she has access to all the capacities of her brain. The combat scenes are too easy for her, so she prefers to levitate her opponents. The movie Lucy displays that women can equally screw guys when situation calm.

Sucker Punch

Fighting in the female under the command of Zack Snyder, the movie is a complete mixture of actions and stunts. It’s hard not to put Sucker Punch in this selection when you can see how agile the heroines are using their weapons.


Kate Beckinsale plays the vampires in the wise Underworld in the movie. A very agile and very impressive vampire in a close combat, she carries the role in a fantastic way with an ardent display while using weapons. Not really, it is better to have it in your camp if war breaks out.

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