San Francisco Grooves to Lungi Dance! SRK makes Film Maker Brett Ratner Dance

Shah Rukh Khan made his way to the 60th San Francisco Film Festival where he used his charm to please the audience. It was a proud moment for India as the actor was honoured with a very special tribute at the Film Festival. Famous Film Maker Brett Ratner sat down with SRK to talk about Bollywood, SRK’s journey, his best works, failures and much more. Sources tell us that SRK shared his opinion about how Bollywood movies should learn few things from the Hollywood industry. He mentioned that Bollywood can learn a lot from Hollywood about good dialogues and screenplay.

Brett Ratner couldn’t stop praising SRK and there were many fans who cheered for the actor. Brett also mentioned that he wants to work with SRK in future. Looks like we will get to see SRK in Rush Hour’s Sequel! Brett and SRK enjoyed dancing on the famous Bollywood number, ‘Lungi Dance’ and with them, the audience shook a leg too. The audience went wild and it was all over social media and news. Brett Ratner shared a picture of him and SRK dancing on Lungi Dance on Instagram. The image went viral and everyone is talking about it.

SRK has a natural charm about him! He has been to many events and he never fails to make the crowd dance and sing. He is known for his jovial nature and on screen romantic roles. He is an inspiration for all the young boys and girls who want to make it big in the film industry. He started from scratch and today, he is the KING of Bollywood. He made San Francisco dance on Lungi Dance and the crowd just loved him. The actor is very humble and he mentioned that when his films do not work, he locks himself up in the bathroom and cries. He feels that one should not be ashamed of crying. There was a special screening of the movie, ‘My name is Khan’. SRK delivered a dialogue from the movie Raees for his International fans.

Everyone loves Shah Rukh Khan! He is a truly blessed actor and he is famous all around the world. When an actor gets so much appreciation for their work, it feels overwhelming. It is a proud moment when we get to see actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra making their nation proud. Few months back, we saw Deepika Padukone who made Vin Diesel dance to the tunes of Lungi Dance.

We hope to see more of Shah Rukh Khan in the coming months. His acting and charm never fails to impress the audience. We just love the way he took the Bollywood number International. The San Francisco Film Festival was a fun event – Thanks to SRK! The candid chat he had with Brett Ratner disclosed so many details about the actor. Shah Rukh Khan did his iconic arms move which he is known for. The audience applauded for him and he made the nation proud by being humble and honest. We are certainly proud to have such a great talent in our nation!

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