The Coolest jobs which would make you want to be a Workaholic

Have you been always lazy to go to a college or too lethargic and uninterested in jobs? Well, we have a couple of job opening for you which would make you hate Sundays. People love these jobs so much, that some would even pay money from their pockets to take them up. Although these jobs would sound like ‘All Play and No Work’ but there are important functions which the employees perform. Although these jobs are very few in number but don’t get disheartened yet. They are surely something to die for.

Looking for some crazy jobs to put on your resume, well here is a list of coolest jobs all over the world.

  • We all scream for Ice cream: Well, you heard me right, many ice-cream companies hire professional tasters, even give them a position known as Chief Tasting Officers. Wouldn’t it be heavenly if you are being paid just to eat ice-cream? To put a cherry on the top, this job generally comes with multiple benefits. Most of the ice-cream companies would give you free ice-cream even after the job is finished for 1 year or more.

But yeah, you have to run some analysis and critically compare ice-cream flavours to that of the rival companies. Making reports and rating the ice-cream flavour on different parameters like texture, flavour, sugar content, etc. is the sole work you could point out. They help the company in developing new products and flavours by giving their expert opinion.

  • The sleeper: Oh yeah! If you just like to purposelessly lie around and dose off, this is the perfect job for you. Usually, two kinds of industries employee such people, the mattress and furnishing companies and the scientific researchers of sleep patterns. The furnishing companies pay you so that they can observe and test how comfortable their product is. If the sleeping pattern is disturbed, it would mean there has been a compromise in the comfort levels.

The scientific researchers try to find out the sleep patterns to know the quality of sleep at different stages and different time periods. At the end of the day, you are literally being paid for doing nothing. But still, it you would have a little work. Not only you are a subject but also would have to share your experiences in detail during the study or your job. Yes, it means you must be pretty good at evaluating how you slept.

  • If shopping is what you love: ShopBack introduced this concept of Chief Shopping Officer. Many companies want to know the spending habits of the consumer and want to make sure how they make decisions. The first requirement is that you should be able to make decisions logically and rationally. After shopping for a month with given budget, you would have to explain in detail, why you bought the product and chose it over the competitors. This information can be further sold to companies in other domains. So if you are a shopaholic, you would love to be a workaholic in this field too.

If your hobby turns out to be a means to earn money, nothing else could be more satisfying and tempting. So what are you waiting for? Go and find the application forms.

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