The Wackiest Outfits Worn By Ranveer Singh

Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh is known for his jovial nature and wacky outfits. Speaking of wacky outfits, the actor was all over social media for his ‘condom’ like outfit. Twitterati went bonkers over the outfit that the actor was wearing something which looked like a condom. He wore this interesting outfit to Shahid Kapoor’s pre birthday bash. The picture went viral and his fans went crazy posting comments about the outfit.

Ranveer Singh is known for his funky dressing and we have seen him in the wackiest clothing till date. Take a look at his wacky outfits which no other actor can pull off! We can never imagine Varun Dhawan or Tiger Shroff wearing something similar.

Ranveer Singh is wearing a floral print suit. The glasses are geeky and we can see the flower power through this outfit. We have not seen anybody wear such a wacky outfit ever!

Ranveer Singh wore his silk night suit with Sylvester slippers to the GQ Best Dressed Men! His statement T-shirt defines him perfectly. The pyjamas are a bit too much and he seemed to be very comfortable with what he was wearing.

If Mario was for real then he would probably look like Ranveer Singh. The Red and Blue Mario outfit is crazy yet cute. Ranveer Singh makes it a point to dress different and make a style statement. The loud colours and punk look is very cool.

Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone does not mind her man wearing a skirt. Can you imagine Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan wearing a skirt and looking THIS cool? Ranveer Singh is slaying it in this skirt look. He wore it to the film promotion of Bajirao Mastani. He looks very much in character and he is seen doing his signature dance step from Bajirao Mastani. Ah! The couple looks great together.

Ranveer Singh is wearing a kurta and a super cool jacket with it. He is looking fabulous wearing the gladiator sandals. How can anybody look THAT good in a crazy outfit? Ranveer Singh is not afraid of the fashion police. The fashion police are troubled with Ranveer Singh’s outfits but that does not bother him. He looks super cool in anything he wears.

Ranveer Singh was seen wearing the coolest pants and a printed shirt with it. We can imagine women wearing this combination but Ranveer is actually looking great in this one. He looks like a handsome boy from Rajasthan. We love this look!

We did not understand this look but Ranveer looks like a father of the church. This bizarre outfit was worn by Ranveer Singh but he looks happy and confident.

Ranveer Singh has broken all the fashion rules. His lady love is one of the most fashionable actresses in the Bollywood industry. She does not mind the wacky outfits of Ranveer Singh! Ranveer Singh is an adorable actor and his acting skills are superb. We are just waiting to see more of his crazy outfits and outstanding movies.

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