This 106 Year Old Granny Is India’s Oldest Youtuber

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She has 300,000 followers on Youtube. She has uploaded more than 120 recipe tutorials on her Youtube channel, Country Foods that has received more than 52 million views. And she is 106 years old.

Meet Mastanamma. A 106 year old great grandmother and cook from Andhra Pradesh who loves to prepare food so much that even at this age, the only thing she aspire to do is to cook, and cook some more!

Presently, she is the oldest youtuber from India and is being touted as probably the oldest youtuber in the world too.

Mastanamma specializes in inculcating local spices, flavours and techniques in her unique dishes. She uses only natural ingredients, cooks curries in watermelon shells and serves food traditionally on banana leaves to her entire village.

She claims that no one taught her to cook. She learnt it all by herself. She proudly exclaims that her uniqueness lies in the authenticity of her cooking methods. These methods give a beautiful glimpse of village life. She prepares her dishes from scratch. Her kitchen is an open field. She uses only the most basic metal pots and pans on a simple stove. She uses her bare hands to peel vegetables. The only kitchen equipment she relies on is an old Indian knife known as a ‘Bonti’ for slicing food. She is so experienced about cooking that she does not need to use any measurement for the spices.

Some of her most popular dishes are Mango Chicken Curry, Watermelon Egg Bhurji, Duck Curry, King Size Crab Curry, Egg Dosa, Egg Omelette in Cucumber and Bamboo Chicken Biryani. Her forté is not just limited to local cuisines. In one video she is seen cooking french fries and in another she expertly flips burgers and tops them with melted cheese!

Mastanamma proudly claims that her food is adored by all in her village. She says the village people are her family and even at this age she is strong enough to cook for them. The simple joy of cooking for everyone and watching them sit together and enjoy her food brings her utmost satisfaction. She is wary of technology but with the help of her great grandson K. Laxman, who makes the videos and takes care of her Youtube handle, she is excited about sharing her cooking with the world.

Whoever said that internet is only for the youth? Mastanamma has proven with her passion that age is just a number. If you love doing what you do, there’s no right age to begin and no right age to stop either! Despite problems with her deteriorating eyesight, she has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Let this Super Granny be an inspiration for you to set your dreams in motion and follow your passion!

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