Top 5 Movie Streaming Services 2017

Entertainment is one of the essential needs of life. One needs entertainment after spending a hectic day but the limited options, irksome old contents and nerve-wracking commercials simply ruin the experience. An organized list of your favourite contents, affordable monthly subscriptions and easy access from anywhere altogether create a heavenly scenario and in short, it can be termed as Streaming or Video-on-demand services. Today, a range of movie streaming giants are ruling the entertainment industry. Such services offer you an escape from the boring cable scenario and get the unlimited doses of fun and entertainment in a tailored way. Most of the trending streaming services serve the US audience in a custom manner. The top 5 streaming giants are –

NETFLIX – NETFLIX is love, NETFLIX is life! The first one-of-a-kind entertainment service that shook the globe with a range of revolutionary services was NETFLIX. NETFLIX is the most desirable, popular and revenue-generating movie streaming service in the world. Be it the super-awesome control over the contents or the user-centric interface and content organization – NETFLIX is no less than a true BAE for the movie junkies. Ranging from the gripping NETFLIX ORIGINALS to the best list of adorable Classics – NETFLIX got you covered and at a way lesser cost than you traditional cable TV, the streaming giant gives you a whale of a time.

AMAZON PRIMEAMAZON has a huge number of subscribers across the globe. If you want to save some bucks but access a sizzling list of contents and some fresh ORIGINAL Series – Amazon Prime can be your pick. At a reasonable yearly subscription cost of $99, you get a two-day fast shipping with every purchase at along with the streaming and video-on-demand advantages.

HULU PLUS – HULU has surpassed many of its peers in a decade and giving a tough competition to the streaming whoppers like NETFLIX and AMAZON. Hulu Plus offers limited commercial and non-commercial subscription benefits at a very affordable cost. With the commencement of some wonderful Original series like Harlots, The Mindy Project, Casuals and Difficult People; Hulu Plus has successfully managed to take its popularity quotients to the sky-high levels.
PlayStation Vue – PlayStation is one notch higher than its peers like Hulu due to its Live Streaming and Sports contents. It is a popular streaming and video-on-demand service and it offers you 4 flexible subscription plans – ULTRA, ELITE, CORE and ACCESS. The subscription price starts from $3.99/month. You can pick this service for a powerful cloud DVR and a seamless Live streaming.
SlingTV – Another big name in the list is SlingTV. The service was kicked off in 2015 and soon it gathered a flock of subscribers with its amazing features like a huge list of supporting devices, Live TV, availability of the giant TV Networks, a big content library and instant video access. Sling TV offers multiple subscription plans, among which Sling Blue lets you access the service on three different devices, Isn’t it cool?
The movie streaming services have redefined the entertainment scenario. One can pay a reasonable cost and access a big library anytime and anywhere. The introduction of the advanced technology in the entertainment arena is leaving people agape and helping them in keeping up with their favourite shows.
Why is Post-Office Still an Integral Part of the Lifestyle?
Do you think the post-offices are outdated and people have really moved on overlooking the giant public service? Well, if you answer is a big YES then you need to get your facts checked and take a tour of your city. Post-offices are still preferred by a huge spectrum of people across the nation; it is just the emotions linked with the products like postcards, greeting cards and so forth that are not seen nowadays. People have chosen an advanced life for themselves bracing the cutting-edge technology and the smartphones, emails and Live calls have entered the scenario where post-office products used to be once upon a time.
Today, we choose WhatsApp or normal messaging to wish our near and dear ones on the occasions like birthday, marriage anniversary, wedding, engagement etc. Earlier, we were dependent on the beautiful greetings that used to arrive in multiple colors and designs. Loads of emotions used to reflect through those cards which are no more found in the WhatsApp messages or emails. A Post office is a public service offered in every city which is regulated by a postmaster.
Why Post Offices are Still Important?
The national postal service hasn’t said the final Goodbye yet. It is still in demand and serves a huge spectrum of Indian citizens. If you are wondering why the old-fashioned service is still chosen by the people, here is the list of services that may help you filter your thoughts –
Speed Posts and Registry – The government organizations still prefer to receive the essential documents through the postal service. The Post Offices offer the economic speed post and Registry services that deliver your important documents to an address. Such services are available for the national and international use and we can easily track our delivery through the nearest post office.
• Fixed Deposits and other Financial Services – If the present scenario is considered, the post offices are offering better interest rates for the normal customers and the senior citizens in comparison to the public and private sector banks. These FDs are reliable and profitable. Apart from the FDs, the post office offers other services like mutual funds, insurance and FOREX to their customers.
• Find the Location – Without the postal codes, receiving the parcels and couriers would have been a distant dream. With the help of post offices, one can track any location within a city or village.
• Express Parcel – Here comes another service from the post offices that offer you a sense of relief when all the ground-operating logistics seem hopeless in the adverse scenarios. Express parcel helps you leverage the fast air delivery. Such services are often required by the corporate companies.
• E-Payment – Many post offices have welcomed the e-payment option. The corporate companies or any organization can receive or send payments through the electronic medium choosing the e-payment option at the post office. This amenity demands a simple registration at the postal offices.
The postal service offers a range of products like postcards, Registry, money orders, parcel sending, insurance, fixed deposits and much more. Apart from the specific spots in a city, post offices can be found in the railway and airport territories. One can not only leverage the national services here, but the international services like Surface Air Lifted (SAL) is also available to help the customers associated with an overseas business.

Tips to Grow as a Blogger – Redefining Work from Home
‘Work from Home’ – this sentence may be pretty familiar to you. People who work from home are often taken for granted and underestimate their capability as their working style and the environment is not traditional and formal. Work from Home is a successful business at present and there is a myriad of options to choose. Blogging is one of the most popular Work from Home jobs which can be chosen by any person. If you have a deep knowledge of a domain and you are willing to share it with the people, you can simply kick off your blog site. The most common blogging language is English as it connects a huge spectrum of people across the globe.
There is a myriad of factors that need to be considered to become a successful blogger and create an online blogging empire. Here are some essential blogging tips that may work for you –
Make Your Blog Site Look Splendid – Asking your web designer to come up with an intriguing and eye-catching design can be a great contribution to your blog business. People usually find the innovative blog site interfaces more engaging and like to come back there.
Research – For every novice and established blogger, research is compulsory. Presenting a blog with catchy phrases and no useful content or misguiding content may not work wonders. If you want to drive traffic to your blogs, you have to spend a lot of time in choosing unique contents and research on the same. People visit the blog sites for useful information and you need to take care of this fact.
Be Creative, Be Logical and Be Straight – Always try to provide maximum useful content in your blogs. Many new bloggers bit around the bush to increase the blog length and engage the readers but ultimately that doesn’t happen. When your readers will find proper logic and gripping content in your blogs, they will become your loyal and permanent readers.
Interact with the Readers – When someone comments on your blog, respond to it as quick as you can. This will make your readers comfortable. You may not receive good comments all the time but responding to the decent comments and complaints helps your blog site grow faster. Always ask for the feedback in the end of every blog. It is the first step towards reader interaction.
Utilize Social Platforms – The power of social media is not hidden from anyone. Being socially active increases the chances of your blog site clicks and views. A significant amount of traffic can be generated from the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr and so forth. Include social media plug-ins to your blog site so that your great contents can be shared and liked.
Trust the SEO – SEO is the strongest pillar in the blogging world on which the complete balance depends. Finding proper keywords for you blogs, choosing the right Meta description, back-linking and other prolific strategies can increase the visibility of your blog site and drive enormous traffic.
Be Regular – Do not take a long rest after putting an interesting blog on your site. When you post regular blogs, your efforts will be visible and people will come and see your posts to encourage your endeavours.
Guest Posting – Guest Posting is a very important thing that every new blogger need to consider. This makes your brand name familiar to a huge spectrum of readers of other popular websites. You can drive an insane traffic through Guest posting.
Promote to the Fullest – Every new venture demands investment and so does your new blog site. Promote your contents on social sites spending some bucks and try the Google AdWords for additional growth.
Writing blogs and sharing it only may not do the trick for you. You may enter the blogging world to leverage the commercial benefits. Earning money from your blogs, in the long run, is not a walkover. These tips may help you get the growth your blogs deserve and sustain in the competitive world.

How Can Lavender Oil Add to Your Wellness?
Be it the real life or a fairy tale; the aroma and the view of lavender flowers create a magical environment. Lavender has always been a special element in the poems, stories, decor and holistic healing. The lavender oil is extracted from the Lavandula or Lavender plants using an advanced distillation method. The fascinating aroma of the oil makes it a valuable asset to the cologne industry and its curative properties is a blessing to the healthcare arena.
Having lavender oil around not only makes you feel good and fresh; it also ensures head to toe healing. The versatile healing properties of the lavender oil make it stand out in the group of essential oils. The lavender oil makes you physically and emotionally healthy and its wonderful aroma creates a positive environment. Centuries ago, lavender oil was used during the bath to get rid of the body odour, anxiety, depression, headache, skin problems and many other health-related issues. The lavender oil is still used rigorously in various domains. The important uses of the lavender oil include –
Skincare – Lavender oil is a great skincare solution. For the people with persistent dry skin, Lavender oil can be a blessing. It retains the lost moisture to the skin and keeps it soft and shining. Lavender oil also takes care of the chapped skin. It can also be used for soothing the skin when severe inflammation or cuts are experienced. Few drops of the oil can be added to the shampoo or body wash to rejoice the best skincare benefits.
Relaxation – When combined with the Epsom salt in a tub full of hot water, the combination acts as a great spa solution and relaxes you physically and emotionally. Lavender oil can also be used as a room freshener. It will soothe your senses and help you come out of the depressing mood.
Massage for Peaceful Sleep – Massage the miraculous lavender oil to your feet, neck and back in the evening or before hitting the sack can help you get a peaceful sleep.
Exfoliation – Lavender oil can fix the dead skin cells and encourage skin regeneration when blended with the essential oils like rose oil or olive oil. Today, a range of lavender oil containing shower products is available in the market with curative skin healing properties. This can be an economic option to experience the magical exfoliating benefits of lavender oil.
Body Odour – Using lavender oil directly or trying a body spray or cologne with the goodness of lavender oil and help you get an enduring freshness and a great fragrance that successfully suppresses your body odour.
Lavender Oil Benefits
• Improved digestive system
• Relief from headache and body ache
• Helpful in Insomnia
• Boosts blood circulation
• Hair growth
• Healthy skin
• Improved respiratory and urinary system
• Nausea
• Cold Sores
• Nosebleed
• Effective on minor burns
Lavender is no less than an asset to the human being. It is always a special element for the industrial and household uses. Lavender uplifts your senses and raises your health quotient. A bottle of lavender oil on your table can do wonders and help you live a happy and healthy life.

5 Best and Inspiring TV Shows for Pre-Schoolers
“Could you please stop doing the nonsense stuff and disturbing my busy regime?” This is a very common line that almost all the moms say to their kids or toddlers. The easiest thing to keep these tiny naughty creatures busy is to switch on the television and put some random entertaining stuff on the screen and get back to the important job. It’s that easy! But, is it the right way to bring up your kid smartly? Of course not!
The research says that good quality television shows add to a kid’s creativity, activeness, communication and behavioral skills. On the other hand, the abusive utilization of television starts developing ill skills in a kid or toddler that gradually affects his brain and physique. Here is the list of TV shows that can make a kid shake his legs and groove like never before forgetting the materialistic world.
The Kidsongs TV Show – Before airing on Official Disney platform, the Kidsongs Series was used to be entertaining video story CDs for kids. The fun content was the commendable creation of Carol Rosenstein and Bruce Gowers. The program targets preschool audience and it helps the toddlers jump, dance and sing which is indeed the ultimate dream of every mommy. The creators of this show have already a great experience of making amazing videos for Warner Brother Records and hence doubting the video quality won’t make any sense here.
Barney and Friends – Barney and Friends is a popular and long-running kids program. The musical and creative world shown in the show with an intriguing central character – Barney, a cute and colorful Dinosaur is tough to take the eyes off. This show is very much enjoyed by the pre-schoolers. Barney and Friends inspire the kids to explore their creativity.
Clifford the Big Red Dog – Does your kid love intriguing stories? Let him have a look at the wonderful world of a big red dog, Clifford who loves stories. With interesting characters and inspiring stories, the show is one of the best picks for the preschoolers.
The Magic School Bus – Learning along with the fun rides! The Magic School Bus is a great pre-schooler show on television which unfolds the basic science secrets during the fun and adventures rides that Miss Frizzle offers to her students. Kids and toddlers find the show gripping whereas the slightly grown-ups find it helpful.
Arthur  – Another TV show that makes it to the top 5 list is Arthur. This is a show that connects with the life at times and gives a joy-ride most of the time. The show explains the sibling relationships and the challenges and inspires the kids of all ages to stay connected with their family no matter what.
A big concern of the busy mommas is they can’t simply allow their kids to go out and savor some fresh air and indulge in some physical activities. Though it seems prolific for a kid’s mental and physical growth but worries haunt every moment. There are many television shows that help a busy mom keep her kid stay involved in physical activities and rejoice a whale of a time. Technology doesn’t vouch for a healthy growth of a kid but it’s all up to the parents to choose the right television shows for the kids and contribute to their mental and physical development.

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