Twitter war and Bollywood

Twitter is a platform where people specially celebrities share their feelings. However, over the past few years it has become more of a war zone than a platform where one is liberate to share his or her opinions. We usually encounter incidents where a celebrity comments about certain things and he or she is surrounded by controversies. Finally, the celebrity has to either remove his post and apologize or have to face suspension of his twitter account. Bollywood celebrities are often caught in one controversy or the other.

Recently there were rows of controversies surrounding well-known names of bollywood: Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Paresh Rawal and Sonu Nigam. Let us get an insight into the entire matter.

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya grabbed a ton of eyeballs recently when his account was suspended by Twitter on Tuesday. As per the reports, the singer made agitating and abusing remarks against some women, which were treated as offensive. Allegedly he abused women users including JNU student and activist Shehla Rashid, following which complaints were filed against him thereby leading to the suspension of his account.

This is what happened: Shehla tweeted a story regarding involvement of BJP men in sex racket. Abhijeet replied to the tweet by giving offensive comments. He tweeted, “There is rumour that she took money of two hours and didn’t satisfy the client..big racket”. He also insulted other users and gave such supposedly filthy comments.  He tweeted for another user writing, “You Ms Park. Tell me your cage no? Will reach there…Will do the favorite pose”. Post his account’s suspension, he blamed the author Arundhati Roy and other populaces supporting JNU for the suspension. The ardent supporters of the singer are provding him full support via #IStandWithAbhijeet, which is quite trending in Twitter.

He is not the only celebrity who tweeted against these women, BJP MP and comedy superstar Paresh Rawal was also on a tweeting spree. His tweet against Arundhati Roy gave way to another war which finally led to the actor being forced to take down his tweet by the micro-blogging site. Arundhati Roy had made a comment about Kashmir and Rawal expressed his anger by tweeting against her. His tweet was considered as an insult of women and so he suffered the fate.

Popular singer, Sonu Nigam supported the two and was immensely furiated. He announced that he will be leaving twitter and expressed his anguish in 24 tweets giving as much as 24 reasons why he considers Twitter as a ‘one sided sham’. He tweeted, “Where’s the balance? How is it so one sided? Why is everyone so angry here in Twitter? Why can’t there be a sensible discussion?” Sonu even tweeted of himself being a follower of all religions. He said that he considers Twitter as a war zone where the celebrities are always dragged in controversies. He apologized to his followers for disappointing them by choosing to leave the site. He finally tweeted that he would like to be in a site that is reasonable and is not biased.

Well whatever these star say, but twitter is trending nowadays. In times to come, we expect more of such controversies and wars.

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