Why do we need these women centric movies?

Women are representing various real life roles in cinema and making every Indian Girl proud. They tells a story of struggle and how they succeeded in this male dominant society. But did you ever though why there is an urgent need of women centered movies? It is now a trend to have some real flicks where you will be amazed by these versatile performances and it will also make you think that Indian Women deserves better.

Indian cinema is full of male dominant movies and where an actor makes a lead, performs romance, beat the shit out the villain and have the girl. Why? Because in our society women are depends on men for their security, love, and welfare and it really sounds bad. Yes, they fight in competitive exams for equal seats but in the state and national elections, they are offered reservations.  This is only done to make them come forward and to represent women. But in reality, the situation is completely different. Most of the female candidates are a wife, daughter or a sister of a person with a strong political background. The real women of this society never think about fighting an election because they are limited to households and various other duties which are only awarded to them because they are females.

These women can be Doctor, teacher, Artist or can be anything by her own but to beat the politics, they need the support of this society where actually men rules.  There are examples where women came forward and won by their own but they are very few. These movies are made to change the mind of people but not everyone goes impressed.  There are many success stories where women made their own preferences and got what they wanted to achieve. Whether it is sports, education or any other sector of life, these success stories come with a story of real struggle which they have made to achieve something only a girl can dream of.

India is a country where women workers are paid less for the same amount of work in the unorganized sector of the Indian Economy.  Many people admit it but nobody takes it seriously unless you are a women and it happens with you.  There are many schemes rolling out by different governments in this country for the women empowerment but not getting major success because the mentality is not changed at all.  The way by which this gender is treated is not supportive at all. The difference of treatment in both homes, offices and on roads makes this sex dependable on Men.

The change begins with home and it will be a positive one with positive treatment with girl child. You need to support them but do not make them fragile. They are going to face a society which is not ready for this change hence they should be both mentally and physically prepared.  The change has already begun and we all need to continue it for the benefit of our own nation.

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