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5 Fashion Trends that are going to be in for 2017 and five that will be out

2017 is here, and we are sure all of you fashionistas are curious of what’s in and out this year. Here are five trends that should totally be in your wardrobe and five that strictly shouldn’t:

5 Fashion Trends that are IN:


They have been in for quite some time now and will continue to lure us with their beautiful designs. Not only do stripes date back to the retro, but they also have a very light feel to it. It’s especially good for the summers!


Even if you are not a “90s” kid, you will still remember how popular sneakers were back in early 2000, and they are still just a little more happening than before. Even if you’re someone who prefers heels, don’t worry! You get sneakers with heels as well!

Art Inspired Styles

The best collaboration of all times is fashion designers’ art inspired style. They are the most elegant and chic looking designs that have been created. An abstract might be good, but this is something everyone would want to hang in their closet.

Easy Elegance

It really is easy, to be honest. A pair of chinos, a tuck-in shirt, and a jacket or ankle length skirt and a tuck-in shirt and you just created a simple yet elegant style. It’s easy, comfortable, and fashionable that will surely turn some heads your way.

Mule shoes

Comfortable and fashionable, mules are totally in for 2017. Heel or flat, you get them all. On boring and lazy days, you can wear your flat mule under your track pants, but for party rock, those block-heeled mules will rock!

5 Fashion Trends that are OUT:


If you still own one of these, then we are heavily judging you. Corsets are so 2007 and if after ten years, you are still continuing with the trend then, are you living under a rock?

Skinny jeans with stretch

They are in but not as much anymore. The IN game in types of jeans are boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, jeggings, and other accessorized jeans, for example, zips at the ankle. Skinny jeans with stretches are too plain and boring.

Soft-lingerie dress

This fashion trend literally dates back to the early 90s or mid-2000s. They are definitely not IN for 2017. If you own one or want to buy one, make sure you just wear it to bed.

Pencil heels

We’re sure you all remember asking your moms to buy you one of these when you were in 5th grade! And even then, anyone hardly wore pencil heels. Pencil heels started to fade out in the late 2000s. Everyone preferred flats, converse high and short or block heels. Pencil heels belong with Soft-lingerie dresses.

Classic sneakers

It must take you back to the time when you used to wear one of these to your PE classes in school. There are so many options to own from various types of sneakers, but the classic ones have completely faded out.

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