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9 Graphic t-shirts for men!

Graphic t-shirts are still “cool” no matter what, but we tend to forget about them as they sit at the extreme back of the closet. Not anymore! Take out all of your graphic t-shirts right now and be the trendsetter among your circle. No more wearing those funky graphic t-shirts at home anymore! Make it your everyday style statement. Let your friends copy your style and take out their forgotten graphic t-shirts.

Here are the yays and the nays for you!

The old school T-shirt

If you are the 50s or the 80s kid, you must have definitely owned the old school T-shirt. This t-shirt has old cartoons, bands, and singers printed over it. For example, Bob Marley or ABBA, such nostalgia, but you don’t want to dress up like an immature teen! Instead, go for the look that you’re old enough to get away with.

Keep it light

You don’t want to go for something too bright like neon colors. You need to choose pastel colors, and stores like Gap and Substance offer light colors.

Small fonts/Logos

It is important for you to buy a t-shirt that has a small logo across the chest because if there are huge designs on the back or the front, then you will receive a lot of negative remarks about it. Try to tone it down to small fonts so even if you wear a jacket over it, nobody will know what’s underneath until you take it off.

Clean Graphic

Try not to own a graphic tee that’s absolutely messy or abstract. Have a graphic that is neat and clean and looks really decent and not too childish or cartoonish. Keep it as subtle as possible.

No cartoon prints

If you once thought that you should own that South Park or Family Guy tee just because every guy wears it, then take that thought and aim it into a dustbin because that’s a big NO-NO for you. Don’t do that.

No TV series print

No matter how much you love FRIENDS, you just don’t wear that because you want to portray yourself as a “grown” man and not a child stuck inside a body of a man. You can always show your love for FRIENDS on social media but definitely not through a tee.

 Ed Hardy

Again, NO-NO. Ed Hardy is one brand that you must especially stay away from. Before you enter their store, stop and think not twice, but a million times until you come to terms with never looking at their store ever again.


You can always go for a tee that has meaningful small quotes written over it. If you choose a senseless quote written in bold, then God bless you! That’s something a teen would wear and will actually be able to pull it off.

Superhero logo

Okay, who are we kidding? We all love superheroes and superheroes are pretty old school. You can always have a not too bright logo of Batman (or your favorite superhero) across your chest.

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