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9 Men Boat Shoes to rock off dock

You don’t have to own a yacht to wear boat shoes. One can simply rock them on the streets. And that’s exactly what Nordstrom.com offers. They sell genuine leather boat shoes that have amazing comfort followed by style.  One site that has it all! So many collections to choose from in one place! Here are 10 of the best collections from the site:

Textured Tan leather boat shoes

Price – INR 6,915.17

One can always pair these with something light like white, ivory, or any pastel color. It will look the best with beige and black chinos. The textured leather adds a bit of classiness to it.

Grey Leather boat shoes

Price – INR 6,223.31

It’s GREY! You can pair them with almost anything, and especially if you are a black and white lover, it’s the perfect match. It’s literally the most casual color and will suit the best even if you wore track pants. It has memory foam for your comfort and 360-degree lacing system.

Blue and Grey Two-Tone boat shoes

Price – INR 11,069.81

You can pair these with any pastel color outfit, and if you’re not too keen on this color, then they also have ivory and tan for you.

Dark brown swims boat loafers

Price – INR 11,692.48

This one is made out of mesh rubber that still looks absolutely elegant. You can also rock these shoes on a boat without worrying about them getting ruined. They aren’t called “swims” for nothing!

Original classic boat shoes in tan

Price – INR 8,302.36

They sure look beautiful and classy because of the color. The sole is made out of rubber so if you accidentally step on a wet surface; you are still good to go. It’s also extremely comfortable to wear.

Blue Nite leather boat shoes

Price – INR 6,569.24

This beauty is hand sewn and consists of a non-slip sole and non-corrosive brass eyelets. It would definitely go with an all-white outfit. It’s a one of a kind shoe and is available online only. Better grab a pair for yourself before it’s “sold out.”

Culver boat shoe

Price – INR 4,424.26

Not leather but definitely really stylish. It has a removable sole and a rubber sole. This shoe can be styled with khaki pants and/or cotton shirts and vice versa. They will suit the best if you’re going for a very manly look! You have to order ½ upper than your usual size.

Ivory cream and tan two tone boat shoe

Price – INR 11,069.81

As mentioned above in the third shoe type, they had another color of ivory and tan. The thing about this shoe is that the eyelets are made of 18k gold-plate. Hence, the name “Gold Cup”!

 Motto Boat Shoe (Night Canvas)

Price – INR 4,839.58

One of the most comfortable shoes made by Tretorn, it consists of incredibly cushy sole and also a cup sole. Not only are these comfortable but also in-style and fashionable. You can pair them with a pair of jeans and throw a polo over your head, and you are good to go. It has three other colors: Blue Chambray Canvas, Grey Chambray Canvas, and Oyster Canvas.

So what’s coming in your closet soon?

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