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9 Men’s chinos for summer 2017

We need to update our style now and then, get over those same old jeans and try something new, classy, and on-point dressing. If you are someone who still has his mother picking clothes for you, then this article is just for you! Don’t be a mama’s boy! Be a chinos boy that every girl swoons over.

For those who don’t know what chinos are, then it’s a mixture of jeans and dress pants.


Since you’re a beginner or even if you are not, you need to consider the colors of chinos that you buy. The classic colors would be olive, navy, stone, and khaki, colors so perfect that they would match anything and everything in your wardrobe.

Slim Fit Chino

If the slim fit is your style, then you should look for brands that target the youth because that’s how they design their attires – according to the youth. A brand like H&M will provide you with slim fit chinos.

Affordable chinos

We all want the best product at the cheapest rate possible. Look no further than Koovs.com. If you don’t know about the website, they are a London-based Website here in India and offer free shipping anywhere in India. Cash on delivery is available on the purchase of INR 500. You can also browse at Ajio.com.

Summer Chinos

When the heat is killing you, and you’re not up for wearing anything heavy like jeans, then you can always opt for light weighed chinos! These chinos are specially made for the hot weather. They are meant to be light and thin to help you breathe and enjoy your days even in this summer.

Plus size

The difference between jeans and chinos are that you can easily find a pair of your size in chinos but finding one in a jeans section could be a hell of a task. The Chino companies make sure to have an athletic stitch that fits well at the thighs, calves, and butt. They also make enough space for you to breathe easily.

The cotton-linen chino

The combination of cotton linen is definitely a yes for the summers. Not only is it comfortable to wear but it also screams stylish and fashionable at the same time.

Ankle length chino

They are slim-fit and reach your ankles, so you don’t have to fret over folding it all the time. They are a perfect wear during summers that will go with anything in your wardrobe.

Casual and professional

Made out of stretch cotton, these chinos are slim fit and can be worn casually or professionally. They will go well with t-shirts and trainers for a casual day/date and a plain shirt for work.

Linen chino

The lightest weighing chinos of all times are definitely the linen chino. Best for any season in the word, especially in India; if you’re aren’t a sport about leaving the house because of the weather, then worry no more because these baggy linen chinos have your back with their light weight material that can also be used as sweat pants.


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