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9 Swim trunks/shorts for men this summer

Summer is here to take our breath away with its heat and humidity, and if you are going on a vacation, then you’re lucky! But have you carried your essential swim trunks? If not, then good because we will list down a few of the must-have trunks that you could wear to the beach, in the pool, barbecuing, surfing, or whatever it is that you’re doing this summer.

Surfside Board short

Every man deserves tropical printed trunks because why not? And if you think that it’s not okay to do so, then you’re absolutely wrong! A little print here and it is fine, especially if you’re learning how to surf to impress a lady *wink*.

Rider Trunks

These never go out of style and probably will never. They are fashionable, stylish, and comfortable to wear. You don’t necessarily have to wear these at beaches or pool. You can pair them with a tee while you’re sightseeing on vacation.

The swim trunk

Have you been working out throughout the year to have that beach body? Then now is your time to shine by wearing these swim trunks that stop a little above your thighs letting you show off those quads that you have been working so hard on!

Longfellow short

They are made especially for running, but since it’s made out of a material that is waterproof, you can definitely go for it and jump in the pool.

El Current shorts

What’s better than owning a short that multi-tasks? These shorts can be used while gymming but are specially made for surfing and swimming and the best part about these shorts is that they consist of chafe resistant bonded seam that will help your inner thighs live.

Tropical swim short

Other shorts with tropical prints except these will be socially accepted by people on any occasion whereas surfside board trunks are made only for the beach and not for a day to day attire.

Graffiti print

If you want to try something crazy this summer and make memories out of it, then try the graffiti printed boxers that are available at Ajio.com.

Swim shorts

There are various swim shorts available at Myntra.com with a price so cheap that you might just end up buying two for the summer. The actual cost is INR 1,790, but since Myntra offers a large number of discounts, it comes down to INR 1,521.


Again brought to you by Myntra.com, the collection of Tommy Hilfiger is amazing. It offers various designs, patterns, and affordable trunks with fresh varieties. Myntra.com consists of many other brands like Jack and Jones that has a huge collection, FCUK, Marks & Spencer, speedo, etc. are all available here at one store at low prices. Go and grab them before the sale ends and everything goes out of stock.

Which swim shorts are you going to rock this summer?

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