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9 Swimsuits that are simple yet genius

It’s that time of the year where the sun is blazing hot, and we need to head on to a beach vacation but really don’t want to wear the same old boring bikini or swimsuit. Then don’t worry! We got you with these swimsuits that are simple and yet genius!

Triangle bikini

Unlike the usual triangle bikinis that you see with halter necks and strings at the back, these triangle bikinis are something every girl wants to own! They are sold by the brand called Triangle that sells bikinis in clean neon colors that are absolutely mesmerizing and beautiful. They also have multi-colored ones.

Cut-out ring piece swimsuit

It’s one elegant yet sexy swimsuit because the front is covered in an elegant manner, but the back is open all the way to the hip with strings that’s keeping it together. A must have swimsuit even if you are not a person who likes beaches.

Mesh side swimsuit

The swimsuit is completely covered at the front, but the sides are made out of mesh all the way to the upper back. The back is covered in red cloth till the butt cheek. This is another sexy yet elegant swimsuit. The best part is that it’s available in red so you can always have your Baywatch moment in it.

Lexi Square Neck One Piece

If you love the vintage swimsuit, then this will definitely make you swoon because of its exact copy of what women wore in the 80s to the beach. It has a square neck and covers up all of your body. It is one beautiful piece you wouldn’t want to miss on.

High waist brief bikini

As you can figure it out by the name, the bottom comes up to the waist. You can always pair it with frill, halter, strapless, and/or corset bras. It has got a very vintage feel to it.

Open back short sleeve one piece swimsuit

The most genius swimsuit, it should be awarded as the swimsuit of the year. It’s like a t-shirt from the front but has a back open with a clip on at the nape of the neck. Isn’t that ingenious? I bet your mom will definitely approve of this swimsuit.

 Minimum bikini briefs

If you want to flaunt your body, then these are the best for you. Minimum bikini briefs are a little lower than your V line. Just a tad bit, but not too much. You can pair it with a strapless or halter bra.

V-Neck Swimsuit

It’s a simple V-Neck swimsuit that has strings crisscrossed at the back of it. It’s simple and still very bold. You can get a plain one or the one with frills all around the neck.

Color Block Halterneck bikini top

No matter how many decades pass by, Halternecks are forever going to be in. A buckled holds up the bikini top that has a wide gap in the middle showing off a little bit of your cleavage.

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