Do’s and Don’ts of wearing a Suit (For Men)

If you’re a man and you want to catch someone’s eye, then all you have to do is wear a crisp, well-cut suit. It’s that simple. But here’s the tricky part, wearing the right suit is not easy as you might think. There are many guidelines to follow, and unfortunately you can’t skip them. If you do, you might end up looking shabby and undignified. We have simplified these important rules by categorizing them into two part; do’s and don’ts. Print them and stick them up in your wardrobe to avoid any mishaps that might make you a target for the fashion police.


Purchase yourself two pairs of trousers if you plan on wearing your suit every day. Trousers end up getting spoilt before jackets do.

Make sure your jacket tapers at the waist. This will help accentuate your shoulders, regardless of how big the jacket is.

Make sure you jacket sleeves sit at the top of your wrists to allow for a quarter to half an inch of shirt cuff to show.

Get your trousers trimmed if they fall below the point where they meet your shoes. Ideally, trousers should meet the top of your footwear or sit just above it.

Always opt for a classic cut, instead of a contemporary cut, this will help you break gracefully into suits and it will never go out style, allowing you to wear it often.

Buy navy blue or charcoal grey when buying your first suit, as it is versatile. Giving you the confidence and making sure you get more out of it.

Make sure the shoulders fit, if you are buying off the rack.

Try keeping the belt fairly thin and the same colours as the shoes.

Unbutton the suit before sitting down, or you might spoil the suit.

Leave the bottom button undone if you are wearing a vest.

Wear an undershirt, if you sweat a lot.




Ever do up the bottom button of your jacket if there are two or three-button suit. If the suit has one button then this rule is acceptable.

Overestimate your tailor; if the suit is made of poor quality material then no amount of alteration will help your suit. A £100 suit will look £100 and a £1000 will look £1000. A tweak here or there wll not improve the quality or look of the suit.

Try to be too flashy with your footwear. Go for a pair of classic Oxfords or penny loafers, as they will make your style stand out more rather than wearing gaudy footwear. A poor choice can instantly destroy the impact of a composed and well-cut suit.

Send your suit to the dry cleaners too often as the chemicals will wear out the material and eventually cause your suit to look old and tattered.

Leave the brand label or any tags of here you might have purchased the suit on your jacket sleeve; it’s not a good look. Nobody likes a show off.

Wear short socks; keep them long enough so that legs are not exposed while sitting down.

Opt for a lighter shade of tie if you are wearing a light shirt. Make sure the tie is darker than your shirt.


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