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Fashion In India

The fashion industry in India is relatively young as compared to global trends. This is obvious from the fact that India’s first official fashion show was held with a handful of the designer in the late 90’s which is a mere 20 years ago. In spite of being a fairly recent addition to the Indian market, fashion in India has seen an exponential growth rate. This is mainly because of Bollywood and actors who sport different fashion designers at different events. This acts as advertisement for the designer and the actors simultaneously.

In India,

Fashion to the layman means glamor and beauty. This is because of how fashion has been experimented on by actors and in films. The world fashion trends are huge and India being a country with a billion strong population makes way for these trends in the domestic market as well. Most of the fashion today in India is inspired from world trends. Fashion also has a particular liking towards Indian youth as most fashion trends and designs are directed towards these millennials. The Indian youth is the key to the survival of the fashion industry in India.

Nowadays, a lot of fashion designers have emerged out of India and are rocking the stage with their dazzling creations. These designers sell their clothes to the Indian youth who are very eager to try out the latest fad in fashion. There is also a huge market for fashion designing for actors and actresses as well owing to the huge number of parties and programs they attend. Indian style mixed with western influences is the latest fad and they have become super popular in the Indian market. This fusion style designs have a lot of potentials to shine in the Indian market and it is still going strong.

India’s biggest fashion segment, however, has to be the bridal segment. Bridal fashion is so sought after in India that there are dedicated designers and stores for Bridal clothes. This is because India has a wide range of clothes to choose from when deciding to get married. Saree’s may be just some yards long but fashion designers work their magic on them and help brides look fabulous and yet comfortable at the same time.

As mentioned above, the Indian Fashion industry is one of the fastest growing fashion industries in the world with an expected growth rate of more than 10% a year. The current value of the Indian fashion industry is estimated to be close to 2800 crores! This may be insignificant compared to other countries or the whole world, but it is a huge deal for a country which hosted its first fashion show a mere 20 years ago.

India’s fashion the industry owes it to the youth and the millennials for its growing success as the industry would cease to exist without them. Fashion is still a touchy topic in this largely conservative nation but the view against fashion is slowly resolving and it will be welcomed more warmly in the coming years.

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