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7 Life’s Lessons From SRK’s Inspiring TED Talk

Here are 7 lessons from his life story that will give you a new perspective towards your own life –

On Admitting & Embracing Failures

Shahrukh dealt with the subject of failure by mentioning his box office flop Ra.One. It took courage to admit such a huge failure. Embracing a failure enables a person to leave it behind and get back on track with something new.

“I even tried to get into a skin tight suit to reinvent myself (in Ra.one). I must admit, I failed miserably.”

On Dealing with Criticism

SRK revealed that despite his face being described as ugly, unconventional and ‘not-chocolaty-enough’, he managed to earn the title of the ‘King of Romance’ in Bollywood only by taking criticism in his stride and making up for his shortcomings with hard work and persistence.

On The Importance of Humour

Throughout the speech he had the audience in splits. Laughing, he said, was the key to surviving hard times. If you can laugh at yourself, you can convert the moment of darkness into a challenge, and eventually into an accomplishment.

On Loving Your Self

SRK gave his own example to show that a healthy amount of self obsession and self love is important. He said that loving oneself is the first step to spreading love in the world.

“The future you has to be like an ageing movie star, who believes that there is a possibility of a world which is completely, wholly, self obsessively in love with itself. It has to be its own best lover.”

On Humanity

He insisted that even though humanity is struggling with the changing world, it still is the only way to keep the world together. If people ceased to love each other, the world would perish in its own self-absorption.

“Humanity is like an ageing movie star, grappling with all the newness around itself, wondering whether it got it right in the first place and still trying to find a way to keep on shining regardless.”

On Making the Right Choices

SRK emphasized on the notion that at any point of life, there’s always a choice and requested the future generations to understand the consequences of their actions then make the right choice.

“You can use your energy to build bombs and spread the darkness of destruction or you can use it to spread the joy of light to millions.”

On the One Simple Solution

The one ingenious solution he gave for all the world’s problem was – Love, assuring everyone that there is no problem that cannot be solved with a touch of love.

“I have learnt from my country that the dignity of a life, a human being, a culture, a country actually resides in its ability for grace and compassion – for love.”

He ended his speech by urging the younger generations to take charge. He remarked that if there is a momentous time for humanity to exist, it is now, because the present generation is brave, hopeful, innovative, resourceful and annoyingly undefinable.

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