Compelling Reasons to NEVER DATE a Married Man

It seems like you have fallen in love! Love is an exquisite feeling but if you have fallen in love with a married man then you have to think about the consequences. Yes, he shows you his good side and showers you with expensive gifts but there is no happy ending here. We know it is difficult to live with the feeling that the one you love is already married. However it is time for you to move on and think about the rest of your life. Today we have listed the 5 Compelling Reasons to NEVER DATE a Married Man. This will give you a clear picture about why it is never advisable to be in love with a married man. Read on to find out more.

It IS morally wrong

When you are in love, you do not think about right or wrong. You are dating a married man which is morally wrong. He has a family and you know it. Think about his wife! If your husband did the same thing to you – How would you feel? He is not leaving his wife and it is a good enough reason for you to back off and move on.

He is getting the best of BOTH WORLDS

He is certainly getting the best of both worlds. He has his wife in his home to warm his bed and he has you on the sidelines. He is not bothered about anybody’s feelings. He is having a great time being the world’s best daddy and also getting his fun time with you. He does not want to get you home and when he is tired of you, he can go back to his wife. His world is in his home.

Men do not leave their wives

Your married man may say that his wife is having an affair and she treats him bad but truth is he is still with her. If she is so bad and if he loves you, he should be with you! He has a home and he probably has a wonderful child. Your married man’s wife has been with him through thick and thin. There are very less chances that a married man leaves his wife for his part time girlfriend. Why would you want him to leave his wife? If you are expecting him to leave his child and his world behind for you then you have to do some serious thinking.

The Man is A LIAR

He lies to his wife to come and see you. He lies to you and goes back to the same home. What does this tell you? He will keep lying to you all his life! The series of lies do not end. He is lying to his wife and you. He goes back to the same home. You never know if he dating another girl while living with his wife and keeping you on the sidelines. You will never be able to trust him even if you marry him some day!

It is NOT the End of Life

He is not the only man in the world. He does not spend festivals or holidays with you because he is with his family. We know how hard it is when you have to break up with the married man. However it will be worth it. It is better than waiting on the sidelines. You will fall in love again and you will get the love that you deserve.

It is time that you should move on because life is too short and you should be living it without any regrets. There are many men out there who would cherish you and keep you on the pedestal. Stop seeing the married man. It is easy to say but it is very difficult to move on. Your married man is never leaving his wife for you. If he wanted to be with you, he would’ve left her for you long back.

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