Don’t Suffocate Your Skin with Wrong Fabrics in Summers

Finally, the dog days have arrived and everyone is more or less restless. There are six different sorts of the Indian climate that can be experienced in different regions and seasons. Summers in India are really hot and humid. When we talk about the comfort, the fabric is an important aspect. Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh are the topmost states with highest temperatures in summers. Everyone is concerned about the fascinating colors, prints, and designs related to the clothing choices but summers are merciless and one has to be very careful about his health and comfort. Here are some best fabric types that can help your skin breath in summers without compromising with your style stakes.


Linen is the most popular fabric type in summers. The growth of the linen textile market automatically amplifies in summers as the demand is huge throughout the nation. The linen fabric creates a balance between hot and cold feelings. It can be used in summers and winters. The fabric brings down your perspiration level to a significant amount. Many people are prone to fabric allergy and in that case, Linen becomes an obvious choice. Linen is an anti-allergic fabric goes well with all skin types. These fabrics endure and keep helping your skin breathe in all the seasons.


Khadi is a wonder fabric for summers. The fabric has been in use for several decades. The demand for the fabric may have decreased in the contemporary time in comparison with the ancient times but the fashion trends are resurrecting the fabric. Khadi fabric has organic fibres that help it absorb the moisture more efficiently and soothe the skin in summers.


The go-to fabric for all the Indian seasons doesn’t need any special introduction. The cotton industry in India has been blooming for decades. Cotton is the most frequently chosen fabric type in every season. Cotton fabric is soft, skin-friendly, controls the perspiration and has a moderate longevity.


If the fabric type is not familiar to you then you need to try it right now. Chambray is a popular Indian fabric type usually chosen for summers. The double-ply cotton fabric offers you the denim-like appearance and benefits but the skincare is better with this fabric. The plain weaving of the fabric makes it more skin-friendly and lightweight. It is usually available in100% cotton but you can also find the blends as they trend in the fashion market.

Summers are not only to plan your holidays, pull your fashion accessories and go out to click some snaps for your Instagram profile. This is the time when you need to be more cautious about your health and skin. Choosing a great and suitable fabric for your skin helps you bear the summer thrashing effectively. This summer is for trying out the blend of style and comfort and, creating your tailored fashion statement. Are you all set?

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