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It is confirmed that Your Dog understands your language!!!

We love our pets and when we are talking about dogs as our pets the scenario takes a new turn. We treat them like our own baby in their young age and soon with the time they turn as our best friend. If you are strongly bonded with your dog then you know how the things happen in your house. Sometimes they need not be trained at all as they go with your schedule of eating, sleeping etc. These are some of the things which make them one of the best pets in the whole world.

We all know our besties, the dogs love us and understand us well so what is new in the study?  The new study by scientists claims that your dog actually understands what you are saying to him or her. This means they know our language and actually mean the words said to them. They are efficient enough to understand your tone of the conversation.

According to a new study mentioned in National Geographic report, it has been found that is capable of processing the information in the same way a human brain does. The study was performed by an ethnologist, Attila Andics of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary.  She began studying canines because she was interested in understanding how the minds of mammals process the language, especially the human language.

According to her, it was not easy to complete this research. Her team had to scan the brains of the dogs and it took them several months.  They needed them to be still inside the MRI scan machine and to attempt it they first needed to be trained. They trained 13 such dogs for the scanning process.  They got it as the dogs were ready to be the part of the research after several training classes.

In this research Andics and her teammates also showed how the brain of a dog responds to different types of sounds. They tested it for sounds like barks, whines, grunts, and shouts, from both individuals and different canines. The human speech was really a different story of this study. According to a neuroscientist from University College London, Sophie Scott “There’s nothing in nature that’s as complicated as human discourse.”

To understand how the dogs’ mind works with human conversation, the researchers played tapes of the dogs’ keepers communicating in four distinct ways – a neutral word in a neutral tone, a praising word in a praising tone, a neutral word in a praising tone, and a praising word in a neutral tone.

Turns out, their brains responded to the speech and to the tone as well. The left side of the brain reacted to the word that was being spoken; the manner of speaking stimulated the right side of the dog’s brain. To activate reward center of the brain it took the combination of praising word and a praising tone too. This type of study is not performed on any of the pets. And to train the mind of your pet, you must need to spend more time to understand how things will work for you.

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