The story of daredevil sailendra nath roy

You might have seen impressive videos of gritty Indians doing death-defying stunts to get their names imprinted on the Guinness Book of World Records. But, have you seen the tragic tales of the ones who weren’t that lucky!

Getting your name into the Guinness Book might give you a sense of accomplishment nothing else could possibly give. But still, is it something worth dying for? Well, there are a few people who believed so!

Trying hard to put your names into the Guinness Book and sadly ending up on an obituary column – here is the story of a daredevil Indian who met with his death while attempting to break a World Record.


Sailendra Nath Roy was always a Daredevil and he died while being one! Roy might have been a police officer by professional but he was a compulsive record breaker by heart. He was always into breaking records and performing risky stunts. His daredevilry included pulling trains with just his hair and crossing rivers on zip-lines. He did India proud by entering the Guinness World Records in 2011 and that remains as his greatest achievement.

The big irony here is that he died in 2013 while trying to break his own World Record he had set back in 2011. A freak accident midway through his stunt ended his dreams and life. Here is what happened on that tragic day in Teesta.

The Happenings of the Tragic Day

Sailendra Nath Roy was 50 years old when he tried to cross the Teesta River in Darjeeling on a zip-wire attached to it only by his hair. He was attempting to break his own World Record for the longest distance travelled on a zip-wire using just the hair. He was halfway through his stunt when his pony tail got entangled in the wheeler of the rope. He found himself unable to move and tried his best to free himself from that position. He was trying to scream out some instructions for help but no one could follow what he was saying. He tried desperately to move forward. While he attempted to do so, he suffered a massive cardiac arrest and soon the cheers of the onlookers turned to gasps of horror.

Possible Cause of Death

An autopsy on his body declared that a massive heart attack was the reason for his death. But, Roy did not have a history of heart diseases that could have made him prone to heart attacks. The massive adrenaline release caused by the severe stress in his last moments could have resulted in his fatal heart attack.

Lack of Proper Safety Precautions

It is said that Roy did not get official permission from the authorities before performing the stunt. The life jacket he wore was the only safety gear he had. There were no personnel or life guards on site to save him in case of an emergency. With no proper safety infrastructure, the shocked onlookers could do nothing but watch him struggle to his death.

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