These things make your dog HAPPY!!!

Having a dog is one of the best experiences of our life. A dog becomes the family member and participates in everything happening in your house. But when they are sad or not in interested in you then yes, something is wrong.  We are mentioning some points which will help you to make your dog happy.

Go for a walk.

Dogs actually love to move outside with you. Whether it is morning or it is evening, they are always ready for a walk. Whenever you have time, you must go for one. It will help them to explore your locality in a better way and it is also healthy for you.  So, be ready to play outside as you both need it.


Hugs and Kisses:

These things are applicable in the case of both humans and dogs. To make them feel better just give them the attention they desire for. You and your pet, especially a dog will create sweetest memories as you must record these moments with your best friend.

Crunchy fruits and veggies:

Some people will not believe that a dog actually enjoys such type of stuff but a true dog owner can admit it.  Fruits and vegetables, especially the crunchy ones like- apples, cucumbers, broccoli, Carrot sticks, celery, pears, and cauliflower are enjoyed by dogs. You must offer them if you have one. It will make their day.

Ice Creams:

You love it and so is your dog. It is summer right now and you can make them smile with some tasty ice creams. If you are having one then you must offer some to your bestie, your dog. If you can give some ice cubes it will make them crazy too. They will show love by playing with it.

Soft Toys & Fetch games:

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, you can offer something which they can’t resist that is the soft toys. He or She will enjoy more if you participate with them. They love to indulge in an activity with you and soft toys and fetch games are something which you can manage. It will also help them in training. You must go for it to see the happy faces.

Rub the Neck: 

Dogs love the touch of their owners as it makes them calm and happy too. If you can rub gently near the area around the neck of your pet, your dog will respond it in the best possible manner.  A healthy massage will do the magic and you will have a big smile on your best friend’s face.

We are sure these things will help you and if your dog is behaving odd then a veteran checkup is recommended. A healthy and active dog can make the whole house crazy with the energy they have.   Like every family member he needs proper attention and proper time too. We know it is hard to manage but not impossible at all.

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